People with Holiday Birthdays shouldn’t be forgotten. Here’s how to celebrate them

CHRISTMAS BLUES. Around the world, people are getting their birthdays mixed up with holidays, and every year, people feel they are getting forgotten and are becoming just a trivial part of the holiday season. Here we see a poor soul who happens to share a birthday with Christmas.(Above) Ho ho no indeed!

Article and photo by Ben Sorkin

Holidays. They’re annual, they’re days and depending on the circumstances, can be very fun! But what happens when these two holidays overlap? As you know, humans are born, specifically, on days. These days can be sometimes unpredictable or timed in such a way that the baby is born on a worldwide holiday. As someone whose birthday falls near or on Thanksgiving, my birthday dinner will occasionally be just turkey and mashed potatoes, not that I’m complaining. Yet to those who have a more hyped up and celebrated holiday falling on their birthday, this can pose a challenge. Holidays such as Christmas or Halloween can be a challenge to have birthdays on. There’s a chance that most of your birthdays might be “spooky themed” or that the guests are wearing Santa hats instead of party hats. These are some tips that can make the anniversary of your birth that much more bearable! 

  1. Celebrate your birthday a day earlier or later, or even on the weekend. People do this all the time if they need to do something important on the actual date of birth, or if it happens to land on a school day.
  2. Have your birthday earlier in the day if on Halloween or midday during Christmas so that your special day can land after all the festivities.
  3. If you have a Christmas or Hanukkah birthday, ask your parents to wrap your birthday presents in different wrapping paper. Also, for those with a Hanukkah birthday, use spare menorah candles for the birthday cake, because saving money is pretty cool.
  4. Maybe just don’t celebrate your birthday. Birthdays are  just another marker on your way to the grave after all. It’s a good way to send you into an existential spiral and you don’t want that, especially during the holidays. So maybe you should just revel in the timeless holidays for all, ya sad schmuck.

These are just some of the many holiday birthday ideas to use to make sure the anniversary of your graduation from fetus-hood runs smoothly! Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays!

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