Student retail worker weighs in on Black Friday

JAYDEN CASEY AT WORK: Casey (12) helps Macy’s prepare for the flow of people that are predicted to come on Black Friday. “This year, the Black Friday specials are broken up throughout the month to help with the product flow and customer flow”. In order to break up the chaos of Black Friday, preparations and regulations were put into place long before the big sale. Photo by Jayden Casey.

Article by Caycie Clayton.

Shopping is something that many enjoy, and others push through to buy necessities. However, whether it’s something that one loves or hates, everyone can enjoy a good sale. Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year, attracting tons of attention across the US, causing it to also become the biggest shopping day of the year. This resulted in stores having to prepare far in advance for this shopping craze. 

Senior Jayden Casey is an employee at Macy’s. When asked what Macy’s is doing to prepare for Black Friday, Casey responded, “They’re spacing out the sales by having them in five different tiers to filter out the customers coming in so they don’t flood the store.” This means that the sales will be spaced out over a series of days, culminating on Black Friday.

Additionally, because of stores all across the country ordering items for this sale, many goods end up going on backorder or aren’t even available for the sale. Casey says, “The biggest struggle about Black Friday at Macy’s is the delayed shipment of advertised goods.” This can create disappointment in many shoppers if they go to stores expecting advertised items that aren’t there. 

Senior Linnea Rydell agrees that Black Friday can lead to disappointment. After going to shop on Black Friday one time at the Santa Rosa mall downtown, Rydell doesn’t think in-person shopping on Black Friday is worth it. “It was not not worth the struggle; it was not worth the battle.” Rydell believes that other sales, such as Cyber Monday, are a better use of time and energy.

Casey feels similar about this saying, “Personally, I am always scared about Black Friday just because of what I’ve heard and seen.”

Black Friday is symbolically the day that kicks off the start of the holiday shopping surge. It’s a day when people can get some of their gifts for massive sales. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving—a day that’s centered around giving thanks. It’s ironic how people go from being thankful one day to participating in a spending craze the next. This shift in agenda demonstrates how American culture centers around materialistic capitalism. 

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