SRHS Student Government returns with their Halloween drive-thru

A SUCCESSFUL LEAD-UP TO HALLOWEEN. October 30, 2021, ASB and the Student Government organized a Halloween drive through to connect students to the following holiday. Lisa Phiel, an organizer for the event said, “I think there was a difference in the total number of cars….” [compared to the drive through that was hosted last year].”  A great turnout at the drive through ended October on a positive, yet spooky, note this year. 

Article and Photos by Zoe Kowalczyk

A late night scare on October 30, 2021 the Halloween Drive Thru, hosted at SRHS, took place from 6:30 – 9:00. There was noticeably time and dedication put into making this drive through something students wouldn’t forget, as it consisted of plastic skeletons, live actors, flashing lights and of course, a fog machine. To round off the end of the short but intense journey through the decorated campus, candy was handed out in bags to each person in the car.

Entering through the student parking lot, past the South gym, the fog machine blurred the view of the Montgomery Vikings coffin just enough to add an element of mystery to start the drive through. Past the fog machine on the left hand side, Juan Trejo and the SRHS Latinos Unidos set up a beautiful memorial for Dia de los Muertos, honoring staff who’ve passed away. On the right hand side, a live actor dressed as a joker came up to the window, jumping up and down in an attempt to scare the passengers in the car. 

As the drive continued, more live actors came closer to the car. Along with the actors, spider webs, bright purple lighting and giant fake spiders and bats only added to the already suspenseful feel of the drive through. A full length mirror that said, “Turn back now” on it was the beginning of the end of the drive through. From there, a coffin popped open and someone dressed as Pinhead popped up, waving at the driver as they made their way towards the end. Bags of candy were distributed to both the driver and the passengers before the final turn of the drive through. 

Filled with suspense and fun, this exhilarating drive through event was put together by Lisa Piehl and the SRHS Government students, who all thought the event was an exciting way to close out the month of October. When I asked Ms. Piehl, an organizer for the event, how she thought the event turned out, she responded, “I thought the event was great….” While staying safe there was a great turnout of students and a wide variety of decorations and even actors, to complement the perfect length of the drive through. Without question, this Halloween drive ‘thru’ event was a success. 

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