Halloween or Christmas?

Article by Andreas Petersen and Julia Sanabria

Halloween or Christmas?

A long standing argument, the debate between Christmas and Halloween and which is better, always comes up again during the festive season. Two friends, Blue and Watson, are no different when asked which holiday was better. Both of them present their argument for their favorite holiday in this thrilling narrative full of convincing and hilarious arguments. Watson and Blue start off by announcing their sides: 

Watson: Halloween, obviously.

Blue: You’re joking, right? Christmas is obviously the better holiday by far.

Watson: No, Halloween is because of one simple reason: it’s just superior.

Blue: You’ve got to be kidding.

Watson: I’m not! candy, corn, costumes, creepy, chilling, cauldron, cobwebs and cantankerous monsters are just some of the multitudes of words that only begin to describe the unrivaled holiday of Halloween. Halloween brings memories of joyous times, candy-filled bellies, horror (or not) movies, time spent with friends and family, etc. You’d have to be possessed by a petty, vengeful ghost or just insane not to agree with me.

Blue: You’re the crazy one, Christmas is far superior because it’s amazing. There’s amazing food, you get presents and there’s more food. Do I need to say more? How is it not superior? To sweeten the deal, you’re never too old to celebrate Christmas, even if you don’t believe in Santa Claus or if you’re not religious, you can still have fun giving and receiving gifts and experiencing the feelings tied with those actions. Unlike Christmas, there is a point when you are too old to trick or treat, which is the only truly fun thing about Halloween. After that, it’s so boring, and there’s not that much of a point to celebrate.

Watson: Christmas doesn’t even measure up to Halloween. First of all, Christmas isn’t all-inclusive. Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of Christ as God’s son and not everyone believes in that. Second of all, who doesn’t like candy? It’s the best way to celebrate a fun and spooky night with your friends and is cheaper than presents, which many buy for Christmas. Overall, Christmas can be very expensive and time-consuming, but all you have to do to celebrate Halloween is buy a cheap candy bag from a dollar store or something, pass it out and make many kids happy. Although you have to get a costume there are many inexpensive ways to make one, and it can be a fun way to be creative! 

Watson: Halloween can be a fun opportunity for jollification and creativity. You carve pumpkins, make costumes, as well as treats and participate in other individually Halloween-centric activities. Carving pumpkins has been a favorite Halloween pastime of many, from the fun designs that decorate porches to the scrumptious pumpkin seeds. Candy is an essential part of Halloween, but there are other treats that come with the season as well. Pumpkin as well as other fall flavors circle this holiday and make it one of the most delicious. In addition to the treats, costumes can be a fun way to express your creativity and show off your interests. These are just many more reasons why this holiday is far superior to Christmas. 

Blue: That’s nice and all but would you rather just have candy or spend time with your family, receive gifts and eat delicious homemade food. I honestly would choose the second, which is Christmas.  As you can see Christmas is superior in all those crucial areas. You’d be crazy if your favorite holiday is Halloween…

Blue: Besides that, some people don’t like the spooky aesthetics of Halloween. Trying to scare everyone as well as getting scared yourself doesn’t sound as great as sitting with your family on Christmas morning, opening your presents, laughing, drinking hot chocolate, eating delicious food and staying in your pj’s the whole day.

Watson: Although Halloween can be scary for some people, not every part of Halloween is about the horror aspect. There are pumpkin patches and friendly trick or treating houses, as well as parties more about Halloween garlands then fun scares. Getting cozy on Christmas is a fun tradition and a great lazy day, but the adrenaline rush of Halloween for some people is enough to look forward to all year. 

Watson: Overall, Halloween is fun for everyone. Hay bale rides, corn mazes, trick or treating and costumes all make it a memorable annual occasion. Friends and family alike can celebrate this momentous holiday and go home at the end of the night with full bellies and thoughts of candy corn held until next year. 

Blue: Christmas, a worldwide celebration, is centered around family, gift giving and love, as family and friends gather to celebrate the stupendous holiday. Unlike halloween, that’s centered around death,scaring people and horror. Christmas is a  holiday of love that everyone can celebrate no matter what religion, ethnicity or race. And that is why Christmas is the better holiday.

Who do you think won the argument, Watson or Blue?

Blue: I obviously did because… 

Watson: Shut up, Blue! 

Anyways… What do you think?  Which holiday reigns supreme?

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