Where to buy Halloween decorations this year

Spirit Halloween set up a pop-up shop on Cleveland Ave, where they regulate the number of people that can come in the store at a time. The stores get really busy in the final week prior to Halloween. Photo by Tara Elsa

Article by Apollo Hynes

Do you ever walk down the street and see a house fully decked out in Halloween decor? Every time I see a place like that, I wish that I could know where they get their decorations. Did they make it themselves or buy them premade? Well I’m here to tell you some of the places to get the best Halloween gear. 

Spirit Halloween is one of the best places to get Halloween decor because it is solely dedicated to Halloween. It’s a pop up store that only comes around during the Halloween season. They have everything from clown costumes to deranged bloody decor that will scare the living daylights out of an average person, which is why I love it. Don’t fret; there are plenty of family-friendly items, though you might want to cover your toddler’s eyes upon entering the store, as there are some scare props displayed at the door. 

Michaels is also great because you can put your own spin on your Halloween decorations. Not only do they have crafts you can do, but they have pre-made decorations if you aren’t feeling particularly creative. Though they do have costumes, the variety may not be as robust as a regular Halloween store. They may be a bit pricey on some items, but if you go the do it yourself route, you could save some money. 

It’s never too late to pick up some Halloween decorations.

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