Last minute SRHS themed costumes

Article and photo by Ben Sorkin

Hey wait a minute, it’s October 29th already? But I don’t have a Halloween costume! How am I going to show my spooky school spirit? Is this happening to you? Out of time but in dire need of an outfit? Well you’re in luck! Here is a list of last minute Halloween costumes guaranteed to show your spooky spirit. Even better, they are SRHS themed! That way, you can butter up the judges and call out the school’s issues all while rocking a great costume!

  1. Your Average DeSoto Hall Resident: Put some flour or plaster of paris on your shoulder to symbolize the crumbling drywall within the building. Put some gel in your hair and push it down to make it look wet from the leaky plumbing. Remember to squint when the lights flicker.
  1. Overflowing Trash Can: Go out in front of DeSoto and grab some trash from the real life overflowing cans. Get some mesh to wrap around yourself and stick the trash to the mesh. It’s that simple!
  1. Confused Freshman: Wear some clothes similar to black and orange and not quite on the money. Confusingly/half-heartedly chant the SRHS Fight Song and look lost. Maybe have a messed up schedule.
  1. Panther Costume: Lots of black duct tape and coat hangers can be molded to create the perfect panther head. Just go nuts! It may or may not look like an animal! Who cares? Scope around for some spare black carpet samples for the body to seal the look.
  1. Your Average SRHS Teen: Get a big cup full of a drink of your choice from Dutch Bros. or McDonalds and dress in Thrasher hoodies with beanies or various punk and goth pieces. It all depends on what you are going for.
  1. The Soap Dispensers and Hand Dryers Throughout Various Bathrooms: Don’t go to school that day.
  1. Sneaky Food Delivery Kid: Sneak around campus with a greasy take out bag.

Man, these outfits were pretty funny, am I right? You’ll totally not get any weird looks arriving at school and covered in garbage. Halloween is a big deal at SRHS, so it’s time to dress up and celebrate! 

COSTUME SNEAK PEAK. You can go as a sneaky student, getting that sweet, sweet, take out food (left.) Kids order out from campus all the time and since dropping off food at the front of the school is not allowed (for some reason) it’s the perfect way to show the spirit of a hungry Panther. But you have got to be quick, unless you want to be caught!

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