Opinion: DeSoto Bathrooms in Disrepair

FAUCET FAILURE. Left, the faucets on the sink in the De Soto boys bathroom swings freely in its socket, making it somewhat difficult to use. Water sprays all over, potentially getting clothes wet in the process. This gives a feeling of poor quality that hinders an enjoyable bathroom experience.

Right, there is little space between the urinals and no dividers, making privacy almost non-existent. People have to move all the way up and practically into the urinal for any privacy, an uncomfortable effort no one wants to go through.

Articles and Photos by Ben Sorkin

As far as public school bathrooms go, the DeSoto Hall bathrooms aren’t the worst, but they aren’t the best either. From faulty sinks to a lack of privacy in the men’s room, DeSoto bathrooms have many flaws and errors that have led to them becoming notorious throughout the school. Both the men and women’s bathrooms have a lack of soap, something that is unsanitary since we are in the midst of a pandemic. 

In the boys room, the urinals have no dividers and are less than three feet apart. It is very awkward and exposed and it seems like an infringement on privacy, especially when there are more than two people at the urinal row. The biggest error is that the faucet on one of the boy’s sinks spins around in its socket when you push it, rendering it very inconvenient, and if it is in the wrong position, it looks humorously dysfunctional.

It isn’t much better in the girl’s room.  Ava Roberts said, “A lot of vaping, not too sanitary, not much toilet paper, really crowded, so not much time for people to use the bathrooms.” The girl’s room also shared the problem of missing soap and wonky sinks, however the soap was soon replenished.

Because of the vaping, there should be hourly look-ins as sometimes the amount of vape smoke in the bathrooms is as thick as the Golden Gate fog. While completely stopping vaping in the bathrooms may never be achieved, the broken sink, soap, and dividers can all be repaired and built. Assistant Principal Isaac Estrada talked about the bathrooms and what he plans to do about them.

“We will work with the custodial crew to make sure the bathrooms are sanitized, in working condition, and fulfill up to date COVID protocol. We will work with the admin to make sure things are right for a safe school year. It will be a challenge, but we will try our best.”

SUSPICIOUS SANITATION. The soap dispensers in both bathrooms have been empty all this time, however, they were refilled a few weeks later. It’s fortunate they were replaced because in this day and age, hygiene is the most important item of all. We all have to do our part to stop the spread.

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