Students Weigh In on Bell Schedule Change

DING-DING-DING! The nostalgic hymn of the school’s tole echoes in euphoric synchrony. A symphony long awaited to be played… now half an hour later. “I like how the bell schedule is right now. I think the break could be a little bit longer. But other than that, it’s good. Maybe take some time from lunch and put some of that into break,” says freshman Mary-Jane Alexander. The new bell schedule, which is pinned on a wall beside a classroom, shows when classrooms get out. This has sparked a debate among staff and students on whether or not this has made school a better place or if it is unnecessary.  

Article and Photo by Jerral Agbayani

Imagine the scene from Donnie Darko as the eerie echoing bells ring, the queue for Head Over Heels by Tears for Fears to start playing. It’s a sunny day in Middlesex, Virginia as the students jump out of the bus and head into their highschool to start the day. Now imagine that, with the continuous hallway shot making its way out the other end, but half an hour later… 

The 2021/22 school year has faced a number of challenges, that particularly being 2020’s hell show… and the mandate in which schools must start 30 minutes later than what it had been before. This topic has been, shockingly, controversial for the most part, with many students feeling mixed on whether or not they enjoy the schedule for what it currently is. This particular issue, at least for me, has thrown off my timing, with many classes getting out at times that just seem plain odd to me.

Over the past week I have gotten to engage with students and get their input on the school’s new schedule, and to say the least, it was very interesting.

“I think it was under but it’s nice to have a later start time so I can sleep in or get ready better,” says Tina Dang (Junior), “though getting out late is so gross.” Dang, who has started her Junior year, has already begun to get used to the time change.

Paloma Williams (Senior) thinks similarly in regards to the new bell schedule. “I like the fact that we get to start later in the morning because it works better for my schedule and my mom’s schedule. But I think our lunch period got shorter, which I’m not very happy about. But otherwise, I’m not very opposed to the new bell schedule.”

While many felt mixed or strongly agreed or disagreed, others weren’t really bothered at all by it all. Shinobu Monraz (Senior), summed up his feelings with a simple response, “I don’t really have an opinion haha. I don’t care man, show up to school or don’t, it’s your life.”

All in all, many people have various opinions, with many of them very mixed with their pros and cons. Personally, I lean more towards disliking this new schedule because it eats up more afternoon time. However, at the end of the day there are so many mixed feelings with all these students that I don’t think it would be possible for the state to really change anything or make it return back to the original schedule.

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