Bibliomania Captivates with Horror and Surprise

THE MAIN CHARACTER IN FRONT OF SMALL MOMENTS IN BIBLIOMANIA. The character depicted is named Alice and was created by Ooboru and Macchiro as part of Bibliomania.This image was made from manga panels, as a sort of collage, to show some of the intrigue of the manga in a unique way. Alice is part one of the few characters in manga who shows the ways obsession can ruin. Not only that, but it delves into the way this obsession can affect others and the different ways it manifests. 

Image by Mary Jane Alexander.

Bibliomania is an extremely unique horror, and one of my favorite horror pieces ever. It has light body horror and more classical horror, but where it’s fear truly shines through is the psychological element. The setting is an apocalyptic world where a magic book resides. Within this book is a hotel, one where people can live out their dreams, whether they be violent or sweet. This allows us to get to see the depths of these people and to explore the fear brought from the human mind. Specifically, it lets us see the horrors of obsession and desire, the way it can consume someone like a viper. 

The main character, Alice, says she doesn’t want to live out any dreams, she only wishes to get knowledge. At first, it seems as though she is more mature than the other characters, yet we eventually see that she too gives into a desire, one that branches out into a fixation. A deep fixation with gaining knowledge, one that consumes her like a viper. 

Overall, I think the story is fantastic, the way it twists and turns like a windy road truly makes it a wild ride. This, mixed with the phenomenal dialogue truly gives it great status. Though, I will admit the story can feel a bit rushed at times, as it’s a mere 12 chapters. If there was one thing I could change it would be the length, as I believe it really would have benefited from more time, in order to let the characters develop further. Yet, the art truly makes up for this, as the artist, Macchiro, did a legendary job, not just with the art itself, but also with the composition. Bibliomania is truly a treat for the eyes. 

Bibliomania is a manga I really love, one that can instill fear in me like no other. It’s an amazing piece of art that I think deserves much more love. So, if you have a half hour to spare, I recommend you check it out.

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