Freshmen Q & A

Article and Graphic by Jerral Agbayani

As the beginning of the semester takes flight following a school year’s worth of online learning, we are finally coming back in full swing; with the freshmen and some of the sophomore students arriving on campus for the very first time. Not only is this an exciting time to come back to school, but freshmen from abroad will be flocking Santa Rosa High School’s halls in search of their classes. That, and the dynamic of a new experience, in the form of their first year, comes with many questions that may need to be answered. Over the past week I’ve seen what questions have been on freshmen’s minds. Being a senior, I attempted to respond in the best way possible.

Sylvia Coleman (9) asked, “What is the best way to organize your schoolwork?” Organizing school work is one of those essential skills that will end up saving you in the long run. The last thing you want is a mish-mash of school work from different classes in one singular folder. The best way to organize your school work would be to get a folder for each of your classes or a binder with dividers to keep yourself tidy. I’d urge you to keep them stored in a safe place you can remember, like a backpack. If your backpack is too full, then it would be best to keep your items in your locker and then retrieve them in between classes, or to empty out some supplies to make room.

Robert Merrick (9) asked, “Any funny stories related to classrooms?” Everyone will eventually hear their own classroom stories, be it from a student or teacher. It can range from funny to bad, though there are no particular stories I can recall at this very moment that would be worth mentioning.

Merrick also asks, “What day do you get the most homework?” Mondays tend to have the most homework since it is the beginning of the school week, therefore, it sets up the next six days. However, it really depends, since sometimes teachers like to tell you weeks in advance what the schedule is like. For the most part, it’s either Mondays or the beginning of quarters, since quarters are comparable to a new start for many of the classes and what they’re learning.

Yasmine Sarraf(9) asked, “If you could tell anything to your freshman self, what would you say?” This is one of the most interesting questions I’ve gotten, and if I ever had the chance to tell my freshman self something I would most likely tell him to keep his head up when things are feeling down and to keep on moving through high school until he makes it to graduation.

High School is a wondrous place full of groups of friendly people and faces. This school is unique in its people and history which makes it a great place to stay. The only thing I’d leave the fresh meat off with is to be yourself and stick with school until graduation, since it may help them in the long-term with the pursuit of their life goals and dreams.

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