Bo Burnham’s “Inside” Mix Of Comedy and Music

VIEWING “INSIDE” INSIDE A CLASS. Christine Bell (left, 12) and Conor Grace (right, 12) watch Bo Burnham’s Netflix comedy special, “Inside” during their free period. “You don’t get bored of it because there’s constantly something new,” said Grace while watching the hour and a half film for yet another time. The musical comedy show, shot and edited over the course of a year amidst quarantine, features laughable and relatable songs that have resonated with many youths and helped put the experience of many during COVID into the simplicity of a song. 

Article and Photo by Alice Brookston, editor-in-chief

On May 30, Bo Burnham released his musical comedy special, “Inside,” viewable only on Netflix. The hour and a half show featuring songs such as “Bezos 1,” “Welcome to the Internet” and “Goodbye,” was an instant hit, gaining traction from platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. The 31-year-old comedian spent his time during quarantine returning to comedy after 5 years of being absent, creating what many are describing as his best special yet. 

The show features a variety of different comedic bits, such as reaction videos to his own songs, video game montages and songs that question the workings of the world while leaving you in an endless state of laughter. 

As the show progresses, and Burnham’s mental health seemingly worsens as his time inside extends, Bo Burnham delivers heartfelt songs such as “Funny Feeling” and “All Eyes On Me” which resonate greatly with many people who also felt trapped inside their homes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Christine Bell, a senior at Santa Rosa High School, commented that “Everyone has gone through the exact same things as Bo Burnham, except he can make all of our pain and suffering into a fantastical art piece that we all relate to on such a deep level.”

Additionally, when referring to “Inside,” senior Conor Grace said, “You don’t get bored of it because there’s constantly something new.” Whether Burnham is mimicking Youtubers, reviewing his own songs or simply just talking about the state of his mental health, there is never a dull moment during “Inside.” 

Bo Burhman’s dry humor, visually entertaining lighting and editing effects paired with his lyrically and musically impressive songs make “Inside” the special of a lifetime, and something surely everyone should experience. As Bell said, “It’s a huge cinematic masterpiece. There’s nothing wrong, everything is great.”

Burnham’s incredible special has not gone unnoticed, seeing as it is currently being nominated for six Television Academy Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Directing For A Variety Special, Outstanding Picture Editing For Variety Programming and Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics. 

Whether or not you have already seen it, Bo Burnham’s “Inside” is without a doubt a recommended and necessary watch for most everyone who enjoys some dark humor, catchy songs and an experience you won’t want to miss.

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