SRHS Welcomes New Administrators

WELCOMING STAFF. Isaac Estrada waits patiently to answer questions. Estrada is one of the new additions to the administration team and is an assistant principal. Estrada transferred from Gilroy Unified, where he was a teacher during the 2020-2021 school year. When asked about what made his transition to Santa Rosa High School easier he said“What made it easier for sure was just the support of the administrative team, including our principal and our vice principal and our two other assistant principals.” It is good to see that Santa Rosa High School is becoming known by our new staff as an extremely warm and welcoming place.

Photos and Article by Robert Merrick

After several rocky months of digital learning, Santa Rosa High School is back on campus with several new staff members including two new assistant principals and a “new” vice principal. Isaac Estrada is the first of the new team members and is taking on the role of assistant principal after one year of teaching at Gilroy unified, a k-12 school near San-Diego. Estrada began his teaching career in 2000 at Memorial academy where he taught Spanish and advanced Spanish at a high school level. However, Estrada’s administrative career would begin in 2004 when he transferred to Poway Unified School as the school’s assistant principal. Estrada is an avid cyclist and frequently rides 160 miles a week, including rides to and around school.

DEDICATED TO SAFETY OF STUDENTS. Greg Houser (left) guarding the student parking lot to prevent students from leaving campus. Houser is the acting assistant principal, in the place of Aaron Harkey, who tirelessly spends each of his lunch periods monitoring the student parking lot to prevent most students from leaving campus via the parking lot. When asked about what fueled his determination he said “Interacting with students and the team here.” While he continues to spend his time helping students we will remain grateful.

One of the many things that Estrada wanted to accomplish this year was getting to know every staff member. One of the staff members he should definitely start with is Greg Houser. Both of them started teaching at a similar time and by teaching Spanish, which makes them both bilingual while also both sharing an interest in exercise. Houser is the acting assistant principal; he is taking the place of Aaron Harkey until he returns from leave. Houser grew up in “a small town, Galesburg, Illinois. In the midwest, and I went to a college in Iowa in a small liberal arts college, [where] I majored in psychology and Spanish.” Houser started his career in Texas where he taught bi-lingual first grade. Alongside cycling Houser also enjoys watching Netflix when he is not working.

The third new administration faculty member is Andy Lieberman, who has transferred from Elsie Allen High School. Lieberman is the school’s vice principal and this is his first year at Santa Rosa High School. Lieberman actually started in the private sector as a manager for the visitor center at Corvalle, before he would become a counselor and then finally ending up as an administrator. Lieberman grew up in Santa Rosa before moving to Annapolis. While sad to see some of the old administrators go, it is important to remember that the staff we have are strong and dedicated to constantly trying to make our school a better place.

NEWEST OLD FACE. Andy Lieberman poses outside of his office. Lieberman is the new vice principal of Santa Rosa High School after transferring from Elsie Allen where he was the VP for 9 years. Lieberman has been part of students’ education for nearly three decades! He began as a counselor at Redwood Elementary School and would become an administrator for that very same school. We thank Lieberman for coming to our school and bringing his decades of experience and knowledge to change our school for the better.

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