Mustard Fields in Sonoma County

A one season only experience. The beautiful mustard fields scattered across Sonoma County have gained an immense amount of popularity. The fields serve as a great background for photos or just a nice change of scenery. “It’s really beautiful,” says junior Erin Holland. “I recommend everyone goes before they’re gone.” 

Article & Photo By: Tianna Cooke

The spring season brings many things. For example, allergies, rain, and Instagram-worthy mustard fields. If you have Instagram, or any social media, you’ve probably seen the famous yellow mustard fields scattered across your feed. One of the many fields is right off the highway next to B.R. Cohn Winery and Olive Oil Company, making it very easy to access and see. 

It’s a beautiful field with a lot of space, so it’s still safe to visit during COVID-19. Everyone has their masks on unless they’re taking pictures, and even then they are much further than six feet from anyone. 

“My friend and I went to take pictures at the mustard field around midday, and it was really beautiful,” junior Erin Holland said. “The only downside about going during that time was how bright it was, and it was a little hot,” Holland added.

If you are interested in going to the field to take pictures, be sure to check the Weather app on your phone to get an insight on the temperature. That way you will know whether it’s a good day to go or not. Doing this will also allow you to plan out your wardrobe, seeing as you’d wear rather warmer clothes such as a cute, knit sweater if it was on the colder side, or a fun top if it was warmer. 

When it comes to wardrobe, it’s good to take certain things into consideration. For example, you’re going to be in a field full of yellow, so wearing a yellow shirt or pants would not be the most ideal choice. Also, keep in mind that the field is full of flowers, so wearing anything that has some sort of floral pattern on it, probably isn’t the best idea either. 

“I made the mistake of wearing a light pink sweater, which was fine since it’s a spring color, but it was pretty uncomfortable due to the heat. So yeah, I’d recommend definitely putting at least some thought into the whole wardrobe part of it,” said Holland. 

Even if you don’t feel like taking pictures, go to the fields anyway. They make for beautiful scenery and even though it is a beautiful sight to capture, they are there for your enjoyment whether you choose to take pictures or not.

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