COVID-19 Vaccine: What Are The Side Effects?

As more COVID-19 vaccines start to roll out, many wonder if there are any side effects that come with getting the vaccine. So I am here to tell you about all the side effects that might come with getting your vaccine. But don’t worry, these side effects should go away within a few days. So to help protect yourself and everyone around you, get your vaccine today.

Article & Graphic By: Xiaolin Cai

As more COVID vaccines are getting distributed through the state of California, worries about the side effects that come along with it have grown. So let’s talk a bit about these side effects and why they occur.

The most common side effects usually occur on the arm where the vaccine was taken and throughout the rest of your body. After getting the vaccine, your arm might have a bit of redness, swelling, pain, and soreness around the area the vaccine was given. Other side effects you might feel throughout your body are tiredness, chills, fever, and nausea. You might also experience muscle pain, headaches, diarrhea, and joint pain.

I have asked three family members about any side effects they’ve had after their vaccine. My cousin received her first dose of the Moderna vaccine earlier this week and said that her arms were sore, but that was all. With my parents, they had a bit of soreness on their arms after their first dose. But when they got their second dose, they experienced more side effects such as tiredness as well as pain and soreness on their arms. Overall, the three family members I asked did not have too many side effects after the COVID vaccine.

You should not be worried about the side effects because they are normal and show that your body is building protection against COVID. Some ways to help with any discomfort you might have is to apply a clean towel that is wet with either cool or warm water and just hold it on where the vaccine was given.

You should also remember to exercise your arms which could help with the discomfort. And make sure to eat and drink plenty of fluids such as water. You should call or go see a doctor if the redness or tenderness of your arms gets worse over 24 hours of getting your vaccine, or if the common side effects don’t go away after a couple of days.  

Remember that even after getting your vaccine, you should still be considerate and take safety precautions. If you got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine you are not fully vaccinated until two weeks after your dose of the vaccine. As for Moderna and Pfizer, you are not fully vaccinated until two weeks after your second dose.

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