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Mustard Fields in Sonoma County

A one season only experience. The beautiful mustard fields scattered across Sonoma County have gained an immense amount of popularity. The fields serve as a great background for photos or just a nice change of scenery. “It’s really beautiful,” says junior Erin Holland. “I recommend everyone goes before they’re gone.”

Article & Photo By: Tianna Cooke The spring season brings many things. For example, allergies, rain, and Instagram-worthy mustard fields. If you have Instagram, or any social media, you’ve

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COVID-19 Vaccine: What Are The Side Effects?

As more COVID-19 vaccines start to roll out, many wonder if there are any side effects that come with getting the vaccine. So I am here to tell you about all the side effects that might come with getting your vaccine. But don’t worry, these side effects should go away within a few days. So to help protect yourself and everyone around you, get your vaccine today. Article & Graphic By: Xiaolin Cai As more COVID vaccines are getting distributed through the state of California, worries about the side effects that come along

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SRHS Swim Team’s Season So Far

All Smiles. Varsity swimmers Stella Clarkson, Ruby Sanchez, Lexy Lewis, Sofia Baldenegro, and Moreya Howell prepare for their Wednesday meet. The season opener saw the girls varsity team win in a landslide victory while the boys varsity team unfortunately lost by a hair to Ukiah High School. “So far the season has been good but definitely doesn’t feel the same,” Said Junior Stella Clarkson.  “it went pretty well, but again i just miss the feeling of a big team.”Photo By: Moreya Howell Article By: Evan Sacher Santa Rosa High

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Sonoma County Theaters Reopen As Restrictions Are Lifted

The Roxy theater is back in the swing of things after over a year of being closed. Reopening at half capacity while we remain in the orange tier, showing Godzilla vs Kong, Voyagers, City of Lies, Tom and Jerry and many more. Article & Photo By: Spencer Page The release of many movies has been delayed due to theaters not being able to be open as a result of the pandemic. However, as the number of cases go down each week in Sonoma County, theaters are starting to reopen and those movies will start to go into

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