SRHS Varsity Volleyball Season Begins

SRHS varsity volleyball has begun. Both coaches and players are extremely excited to have a chance to play this season. Their first game was against Montgomery, they unfortunately lost, but opened the gates for the upcoming games. Even though SRHS volleyball lost their first game, senior MacKenzi Nelson said, “A personal goal this season for myself is to stay positive, bring lots of spirit and energy to the court and to make sure that our team is being safe and having fun.”

Article & Photo By: Maddie Sanabria

Santa Rosa High School’s volleyball season has just begun. Although the season has gotten off to a rocky start due to a positive COVID-19 result and a ten-day quarantine, players and coach Rob Beal are looking forward to the upcoming season. 

Since the girls have not been able to practice for ten days, they have not been able to forge bonds in the early days of being on the team.

This season, because of COVID-19, Santa Rosa High School volleyball is only allowed to have one team: varsity. This is challenging because not as many girls will be getting the experience of playing volleyball for a high school team.

This year, teams will not be competing for the pendant because this year’s volleyball season is not a full season; however, the practice and experience will improve the players for next season. Junior Kayleen Ledbetter said, “this season, I am looking forward to just having the experience. No one was really sure if we would get a season this year, so having the opportunity to play is very exciting.” The rest of the team shares her enthusiasm. 

Despite not having a full season and the setback due to the positive COVID-19 test, Coach Rob Beal is still in high spirits. “I am looking forward to getting a chance to coach a sport I love and getting an opportunity to coach girls I have not coached in the past. Plus, [I am looking forward to] just getting a chance for all the girls to do an activity together and build friendships,” said Beal. 

This year the girls will be playing Montgomery, Maria Carillo, St. Vincent, Piner and Elsie Allen. At Santa Rosa High School’s home games, only two people per family are allowed to go inside to spectate, or you can watch the home games live online at:

Even though this season is going to be different, sophomore Kenan Habtemichael is still very excited. “My favorite thing about playing volleyball is the energy of it all like the plays and rallies will be super intense, and when you run a perfect play to end the rally off that is like the best feeling. It shows you that all the drills we do at practice really do pay off.” 

Though the volleyball season got off to a rocky start, the team and coach are confident in their ability to have a good time and play well this four-week season.

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