A Rise In Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

A quiet place. The Bok Kai Temple is one of the most calming places that anyone can visit. In the 1805’s is when the temple was first open, and then later in 1880 rebuilt and renovated. ‘I love this temple, it is sacred. I have gone here since I was a little kid with my grandfather’, Daniel Wayne told me, a stranger but a constant visitor of the temple.

Article & Photo By: Destyni Hayes

Sadly, there has been a rise in Asian hate crimes all over the United States, including in our community. There have been many horrible events in California alone. Not knowing about the rise of Asian hate crimes is doing almost the same amount of damage to the Asian community. Many Asian-Americans have admitted that they don’t feel completely safe at home, and that going out in public by themselves is also very anxiety ridden.

Throughout the years these hate crimes have become even more common and are finally getting social media and some news coverage. There are many easy ways you can help spread this information among peers, family, and the internet. Here is a compiled list of ways you can help raise awareness for people who need it most.

One action you can take is to support AAPI groups, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Supporting these groups will help pay for damage that others have done out of pure hatred towards a community based solely on their differences. By signing their collective community states, donating to these groups and donating things to individuals and families affected. 

Another way you can help and be a good ally is learning about the history of Asian American hate crimes. Unfortunately, 2020 and 2021 are not the only times when Asian hate crimes occurred. They have gone back hundreds of years. Learning and understanding what these crimes look and sound like can help save a person’s life and affect their safety. 

The most important way you can be an ally for people is by reporting and speaking up about Asian hate crimes. Most of these crimes go unspoken for, so being able to speak up and report what you see will be the best way to stop these crimes. Reporting any sort of hate will help, even online. 

With learning this information you can be able to spot, report, and take action if you see it. Most events that happen to minorities get pushed to the side or silenced by the media’s algorithms. If you see a person’s video or post begging for help, please like, comment, and share that post to spread the word to others. Even if you  think your one interaction with the creator’s post doesn’t help, you’d be incorrect. Anything you can do to spread information about what is happening in the world will help inform others.

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