Best Rom-Coms To Watch

Most people have a favorite rom-com that they like to watch over and over again. A freshman named Abby Mills wrote that her favorite romantic comedy is “The Holiday.” Who doesn’t enjoy a good Christmas rom-com?

Article & Photo By: Tatiana Newman

Romantic comedies, also known as rom-coms, are some of the most popular movies. You can watch them any time. Whether you’re celebrating, mourning, feeling happy, sad, or something else entirely, romantic comedies are always perfect for the occasion. Here are some of the best rom-coms to watch. 

The first is 13 Going on 30. It is a funny, lighthearted movie about a girl who makes a wish on her 13th birthday. When she wakes up, she is in her 30-year-old self’s body, and she must navigate her future life, find a way to change what she doesn’t like, and get back into her own body in her own time. This movie can be found on Hulu, Amazon Prime and Vudu.

The next romantic comedy is Clueless. This one is a classic that came out in 1995. It’s based on the classic novel Emma by Jane Austen, but I can certainly attest to the fact that Clueless is much better than Emma because it’s so much more relatable. Clueless is funny as well, with dramatic characters that keep you hooked from the beginning. It can be found on Vudu and Amazon Prime. 

10 Things I Hate About You is another one of the most well-known romantic comedies. This movie is also based on a classic play, The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. Much like Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You is much better than its original inspiring story. This movie has a bit less comedy than the other two, more focused on the romance aspect, but there are still many amusing lines said by the lovable characters. It can be found on Amazon Prime, Disney + and Vudu. 

My final recommendation for the best romantic comedies is Legally Blonde. This movie is much more comedic than romantic, but it’s a fantastic rom-com nonetheless. When Elle’s boyfriend breaks up with her for being too blonde, she pushes herself to get into Harvard Law School to win him back. Along the way, she realizes that she actually enjoys law school and wants to be a lawyer. She also finds a new love interest that loves her for who she is and not just because she’s pretty. Legally Blonde can be found on Hulu, Amazon Prime and Vudu. 

There are some people who don’t have a favorite romantic comedy like freshman Margaret Vaughn-Foster. When I asked her if she has a favorite rom-com and what her favorite rom-com was, she said, “I don’t think I do.” Hopefully, this article can offer up fantastic romantic comedies for people who don’t have a favorite.

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