Santa Rosa High School’s Upcoming Prom

Yes, you’re reading that right. The Santa Rosa High School student government class has been hard at work planning a prom. While details have yet to be set in stone, many students share in the excitement of SRHS senior Ruby Kowell, who says ”regardless of how the event itself is, I’m just glad to have one last hurrah with my best friends.” 
Graphic Created By: Mrs. Piehl.

Article By: Molly Murphey

Those who thought that a return to school this year was impossible may find it even harder to believe that the student government class at Santa Rosa High School is planning a prom. No, this isn’t like the virtual homecoming of last fall, this is a real, live, in person prom. 

It’s a long-standing tradition to hold off on announcing the SRHS Prom venue until the last minute but this year there’s a practical reason it has been kept under wraps: student government has had to wait on approval for their plan to abide by COVID restrictions to make a decision.

Junior Class President, Stella Clarkson, made it clear early on that there will be a prom and it will not be on Zoom. “Prom will definitely be in-person, it will just look a little different this year,” she said. 

According to Clarkson, the dance, which has just been approved by SRCS superintendent, Diann Kitamura, will have a DJ and decorations like any other year. She reminds attendees that “you will have to wear your mask and stay in groups and stay away from other groups but you can dance with your friends.” This event will be ticketed at a $25 admission cost. All students will be required to take a COVID-19 test at the SRHS campus on April 27th to attend the dance.

If you’re not up for a dance, there is also a free drive-thru photo opportunity at Kendall Jackson winery. According to Clarkson, “you will get your photo taken professionally and have the option to buy it the next day and you’ll get a souvenir as well.” 

When I first asked juniors Will Logue and Blake Grudzien if they were planning on attending Prom this year, they gave a confident no. 

 When pressed on it, Logue said, “next year, I’ll probably go to prom just cause why not? But this year, I probably wouldn’t have gone anyways and especially now when it’s gonna be socially distant dancing… I guess.” Grudzien added that he can’t fault student government for trying but, “inherently prom doesn’t really work with social distance. I don’t know if there’s a way to do it.” 

Ruby Kowell, a senior, said “the only reason I am going to prom is because this is my last opportunity to go. I couldn’t go last year and I fear missing out on an event that is significant in so many people’s ‘coming of age.’” She doesn’t have too high of expectations for the event but overall, is excited to have a chance to celebrate with her friends.

Because this prom comes as a last minute surprise, the many months of planning that usually go along with the dance have been tossed out the window. Kowell has not yet picked out a dress and isn’t planning on “get[ting] anything super fancy, just something to dress up a bit.”

As if there weren’t enough new things for Student Government to tackle this year, they have also decided to bring back Prom Court. Clarkson gave me the details: “we [student government] give juniors and seniors access to a google form where they nominate 6 people” and in “keep[ing] it gender inclusive you can nominate anyone with any pronouns.” Juniors and Seniors should check their school email for the link to vote. Candidates will be announced soon and the prom court on May 1st, the day of the Prom.

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