SRHS Preparing for a Return to School

Here, history teacher Ms. Bell shows me her classroom where she is ready to return back to hybrid learning. She says, ¨ I am nervous but excited. Our school will be very safe, I can’t wait to see my kids.¨

Article & Photo By: Jasmine Alvarez

Returning back to school has been an ongoing project for a year now. Last year on March 13, 2020, we were told that we would return in two weeks, but that quickly changed due to the spread of COVID-19 . Now, after our 2020-21 school year in-home distance learning, we are now heading back to hybrid learning on April 26, 2021. 

As vaccines are being distributed throughout the country, California has decided to send  students back to school. Though all students have an option, some are returning to SRHS in hybrid learning.

 History teacher Asley Bell spoke to me on this subject. She said, ¨I am really excited to go back to school, being a teacher, all you want to do is interact with your students. I am curious to see how this plays out, but it will be fine.¨ When asked what her opinion was on why we did not return in August,  Ms. Bell said, “That’s why I think it was great for students and parents to choose if they wanted to return or not. I understand both sides of the spectrum. I do feel bad for all the students, but especially the seniors. They don’t get to experience any normalcy in their senior year, which is pretty sucky.¨

Though 2020, and this year so far has been filled with stress and unknowns, we are beginning to go back to some type of normalcy, which includes all students in all grades going back to school, and some stuff opening, such as the movies and other places filled with activities. Either way, we have all stayed strong and it is finally paying off. 

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