Howarth Park Reopens Lake Activities

When asked why Daniel enjoys Howarth Park, he responded with,”When I lived in the area, I would go hiking with my friends and family around the surrounding trails. The place is bountiful with wildlife and beautiful trees.”
Photo By: Daniel Vela

Article By: Trenton Cooper

On Sunday, March 14, Santa Rosa was permitted to leave the purple tier and moved into the red tier. While COVID-19 is still prevalent in Santa Rosa, local businesses can start to open up, to get the local economy moving. 

One such business that is benefiting is the Boat Rentals at Howarth Park. The paddle boats are organized through an assortment of colors, ranging from sparkly purple to a vibrant rich gold. The paddle boats are covered by canopies that block the users from the blistering sun that coats lake Ralphine. Four friends can venture out onto the lake with one of the boats, granted two people have to be paddling and steering the boat. The thrill of the still water and the quacking of ducks and geese will cost $12 an hour. The general public has the ability to rent a paddleboat by calling the boathouse to make a reservation or going to the boathouse in person and talking to the front desk attendant.

Along with the paddle boats, there is an assortment of aquatic toys. Canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards can also be rented alongside the paddle boats, with similar prices and the exemption of a single kayak which costs $8. 

Lake Ralphine is a 25-acre body of water that allows the local residents to practice aquatic sports such as fishing and kayaking. Trouts and catfish are catchable, the only exception is that you need a fishing license if you aren’t still a minor. Swimming in the lake is not permitted; however, you can bring your own boat into the dock if it is under twenty feet in length. This can be achieved through the ramp located next to the boathouse. 

The boathouse offers a universal education class that educates people ages twelve and up on how to navigate around the lake on all sorts of aquatic toys. For example, there is a class that can teach you how to navigate the waters on a small, yet maneuverable, sailboat! Plenty of fun is to be found at Howarth Park, and we expect to see more with COVID-19 cases decreasing as summer rolls around.

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