Thrifting Locations In Sonoma County

Found it! What’s not to love about thrifting and finding some absolute gems for your closet. Senior, Eliana Bruce, shares, “I love thrift shopping with my friends and I have found some great pieces at thrift stores.” If you ever need something to do look up your nearest thrift shop and you will definitely have a blast.
Photo By: Eliana Bruce

Article By: Shai Fichtelberg

Thrifting has become an activity that many teens enjoy. Going into shops, sifting through clothes, and finding great deals, what’s not to love? In Sonoma County, there are plenty of fun stores that Santa Rosa High School teens love to spend time in.

The first one, and my personal favorite, is the Salvation Army on Third Street. This location has everything organized by color and clothing type. I have found some of my favorite pieces here, including a black crewneck and a UC Berkeley sweater. Senior Eliana Bruce agrees, saying, “they have a wide selection at the Salvation Army, and I have purchased everything from a pair of Heelys to tank tops to some cute skirts.” If you don’t have much time but still want to find a really cute piece, I definitely recommend the Salvation Army.

If you have a lot of time to sift through clothing, another place I highly recommend is the Goodwill on Sebastopol Road. They have racks of clothing that are grouped together by size. Eliana Bruce, comments “I get a lot of random things from this shop, but if you are willing to sift through clothes they have really cute tops and skirts.” One of my favorite parts of this thrift store is the racks of fun dresses. 

Lastly, Plato’s Closet on Mendocino Avenue is a great place to find well-known brands for really cheap prices. I have found all sorts of skirts and oversized shirts there. As well, Eliana Bruce shares, “… a lot of my pants come from Plato’s Closet.” If you are looking for a smaller store that is organized by size this is definitely the place to go.

As long as you are willing to look, you can find all sorts of clothing items at most thrift stores. One of my favorite things to do is thrift with friends and find things for each other. If you ever get bored just look up a thrift store, there are so many great ones in Sonoma County, and they are all fairly cheap.

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