Easy Ways You Can Save Water

With California’s likeness to succumb to droughts every so often, it’s important that people continue on with trying to save water. Some easy ways you can start saving water are by monitoring your sprinklers, making sure your pipes have no leaks, only running the faucet when necessary, recycling water to use elsewhere (such as for plants), and only running the dishwasher when it’s full. Infographic created on Canva by Alice Brookston

Article By: Haylee Hubbard

As you may know we are behind on rainfall this year which means a lot of droughts and dryness. So the question you may be asking is; what can I do to help? I will list some ways you can help our earth and save water. 

One of these ways is to only load the dishwasher and washing machine when it is all the way full. It’s a no-brainer that a lot of water is used by washing dishes and our clothes, but what no one seems to notice is how much water it takes to fully clean it all. A very large amount is wasted if you’re only going to load them up only partially.  

Next is making sure you have no leaks in any of your faucets or toilets. For anything that uses water, check the pipes for leaks. The average household leaks are around 10,000+ gallons wasted every year. Additionally, 10% of homes leak about 90 gallons of water that will be wasted a day. Check your pipes and get them all fixed!

Another method of saving water is to turn off the faucet when necessary. For example when you’re brushing your teeth it doesn’t need to be on the whole time. When you are washing your face you do not need to keep the water on the whole time either. Just keep the faucet on when you actually are using it.

One other method is to turn your sprinklers off. This one is a pretty big rule, during really hot days in particular. It’s essentially useless to turn on the sprinklers because the water can evaporate right away which ends up wasting lots of water. Improper pressure of your sprinklers could also affect how much water you’ve wasted on watering your grass because your grass and plants will absorb what they need and adding a high pressure can actually kill your plants and just make mud. It wastes large amounts of water, but definitely does not need to if you’re smart about it.

Furthermore, when you are recycling water you are helping our environment. I bet now you want to know some ways to recycle water. Well, it’s really simple. One way is to use water you’ve saved up from rain or water that you forgot about and use that to feed your plants. You can even use the water for cleaning your floors, toilets and more. You can even use it to wash your car in a safe zone, not near any storm drains though! Storm drains lead to the ocean and we don’t want to pollute our oceans with bad water. 

To wrap up my point, we are in a bit of a drought because we have been behind on rainfall for the past few years. In order to try to get back on track we need to keep on saving water. I listed some methods but if you go online I’m sure you can find more ways to help. Remember, we only have one Earth, let’s treat it right! 

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