2021 COVID-19 Prom Plans

Junior Class President, Stella Clarkson, shares that this year’s 2021 COVID-19 prom is going to be hosted at Santa Rosa High School as a drive-thru event, where you will take a picture and receive a mystery party favor! Make sure to have those dresses and tuxedos ready!
Infographic Created By: Alice Brookston on Canva

Article By: Dalia Pelayo-Mark

Approaching is that time of year again…prom season. Yes, that one highschool dance you’ve either been dreading or excited for since your Freshman year. Hair spray, sparkling dresses, black tuxedos, loud music, colorful lights, tasty food, and scrambling last minute to find a date. As you know, we didn’t get to have a 2020 prom last year due to the global pandemic. Many students, especially Seniors, were upset that they didn’t get to enjoy their last highschool dance. Students now have been wondering if this year’s prom was going to be canceled as well. And if not, what would it be like due to COVID-19 restrictions?

After speaking with Junior Class President, Stella Clarkson, I’ve gathered some details on what this year’s COVID-safe prom entails. Due to restrictions and safety reasons, it will be a car drive-through event. Everyone will be dressing up in their favorite gowns and tuxedos (maybe pantsuits), then driving to the school, wearing masks of course. You’ll then be able to get out of the car and take a professional picture in your formal attire, you won’t need to keep your mask on for this part. Clarkson added that there will be cookies and a supposed “party favor,” that Clarkson was not able to discuss because it’s supposed to remain a surprise.

She was, however, able to reveal some exciting news for this year’s prom. There’s now going to be a “prom royalty”! In the past years, Santa Rosa High School has refrained from this high school tradition but has decided that this year they wanted to bring it back. They’re titling it “prom royalty” for gender inclusivity and respect of people’s pronouns. There will be a prom King and Queen for the Junior class, as well as for the Senior class, which will be decided by Santa Rosa High School’s students themselves. Further details will be discussed later on.

Stella said they’ll be announcing the date, time, location, and theme sometime soon. So make sure you get those dresses and tuxes ready!

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