SRHS Student Easter Sunday Plans

Even the Easter Bunny is practicing social distancing! With COVID-19 interfering with the regular Easter celebrations, it’s important to find a safe way to celebrate. “I think that there’s actually kind of a plus to having to celebrate during COVID,” said junior Erin Holland. “It makes us think of creative alternatives to still have fun.” 
Infographic By Alice Brookston on Canva

Article By: Tianna Cooke

With the Easter holiday approaching, students and families alike are getting ready to participate in their annual Easter traditions. When some students were younger, their parents would dress them up in Easter dresses or nice dress clothes and set up an Easter egg hunt amongst other festivities. Obviously, times have changed and as we grew up, those festivities dwindled away, and so did the celebration of the holiday as a whole for many people.

When asking students what they were doing for Easter Sunday, about ten out of the eleven of them said that they were doing absolutely nothing. The obvious reason being the current COVID-19 pandemic, but also many stating “I’m too old” or that they “haven’t celebrated Easter in years.” 

Junior Michela Garey, expressed how her family still celebrates and how their traditions are still alive, “We go to Palm Sunday the Sunday before Easter and get our palm leaf cross and attend mass,” Garey said. “But on the actual day my mom makes us baskets, we do a hunt, and have brunch,” she added. 

When reaching out to other students in regards to their Easter plans, all of them expressed that they would be doing nothing for the holiday. Many stated that it was because of their age, including junior Erin Holland, “I mean, we’re almost adults and I think many people look at Easter as a child-oriententated holiday,” Holland said. 

Now, if you’re still like me and celebrate Easter, and are looking for some pandemic safe ways to celebrate, here’s a couple. 

If your family has done the traditional Easter egg hunt, it is still very easy to do this year, seeing as it follows all the COVID guidelines. Just make sure that if it’s a group greater than ten to wear a mask, or do so anyways to take extra precaution, and social distance. 

Along with the Easter egg hunt, Easter baskets are another tradition many take part in. If your family is unable to celebrate due to COVID, go to crafts stores like Joann’s and Target for Easter candy and make them a basket you think they would like. It’s thoughtful and a way to celebrate Easter in a safe manner that respects the guidelines.

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