3.1415926… The number that just keeps on going! Santa Rosa High School celebrates Pi Day every year with an annual digit contest and eating pie in math classes and nothing will stop this tradition. Mr. Bohn will be making sure to eat some yummy pie in honor of Pi Day and you should too! If you want to show off your skills and recite the digits of Pi from memory send in a video to the Math Department. Happy Pi Day.
Infographic Created By Alice Brookston on Canva

Article By: Shai Fichtelberg

If you have taken a math course at Santa Rosa High School, you know what big day is coming up. Every March 14th math classes celebrate Pi Day and just because we can’t all be together, doesn’t mean the math department is going to stop their tradition! I spoke with Santa Rosa High School math teacher, Eric Bohn, to get the inside scoop on what’s going on with Pi Day this year.

One big event that occurs on Pi Day is the Math Club Pi Digit Competition, where students work to memorize as many digits of Pi as they can in order to win a gift certificate for pie. Mr Bohn said, “We have been doing the digit contest for probably 20 years now…I am pretty sure the school record is 1000 places now.” This year, because we can’t be in person, monitoring the contest is a big challenge, so “if you just want to show off what you can do” send in a video to the Math Department.

If memorizing digits of Pi is not something you are into, another highlight of this day is eating the copious amount of pie that is brought into the math classes. “Usually in my classes, we eat pie. I don’t do extra credit but I push to have everyone bring in pies,” Mr. Bohn explained, “besides eating pie I have [Pi day] activities depending on the grade level that we do in class.” 

After celebrating Pi day in my math classes for years I was really curious as to what Mr. Bohn enjoyed most about this day. He said, “Partially it’s fun to eat pie but it’s also been interesting, when I first started doing something for Pi Day it was mostly this obscure thing and now it has started to become something that more people know about. It used to be very difficult to get pies on Pi Day and now Safeway stocks up for it. It’s kind of fun to see a public awareness of it.” 

I think we all have some favorite Pi Day memories that we could share, but Mr. Bohn’s favorite was his dad coming in and helping with Pi Day. Mr. Bohn says, “for me, it’s a sentimental memory…We’d get like 70 pies and he would help dish them out and serve them, it’s a nice memory.” 

Pi Day is definitely a special day for everyone and so the math department is going to make something happen even if it is over zoom. Mr. Bohn is celebrating by eating pies made by his cousin over zoom with his math classes on Monday. I know I will definitely be making a pie for Pi Day to keep the tradition going!

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