Coca Cola Coffee Review

Caffeine. Shown here are the four Coca Cola products I reviewed, Vanilla and Dark Roast Coke Coffee and cherry and original Coke Energy.

Article & Photo By: Conor Grace

The Coca-Cola Company debuted Coke Coffee on January 25th, 2021. There are 3 flavors, Dark Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel. Dark Blend and Vanilla are the only two flavors with a zero sugar counterpart.

The Coca-Cola Company website says that each 12 fl oz can of Coke Coffee has 69mg of caffeine.

Since January 2020 the Coca-Cola Company has been making Coke Energy, their version of an energy drink. Coke Energy has 2 flavors each with its own sugar free version, these being original or cherry. 

Each 12 oz can of Coke Energy has 114mg of caffeine.

I was only able to find the Dark Roast and Vanilla Coke Coffees, as well as the original and cherry flavors of Coke Energy.

The Coke Coffee flavors that I tried were quite surprisingly better than I had expected. They tasted like Coca-Cola was mixed with a shot of espresso, and yet it tasted better than that may sound.

The vanilla flavored Coke Coffee has only a small hint of vanilla flavor, but it is one of the better vanilla flavored coffee drinks I’ve had. Admittedly I prefer my coffee black, and so I expected that the Dark Roast Coke Coffee would be more my speed. The Dark Roast actually tasted unexpectedly sweeter than the Vanilla flavored.

I also tried Coke Energy. Both of the Coke Energy drinks that I tried did not live up to any other Coke product in my eyes. They tasted like an oddly different Coke, there was some strange flavoring added that I could not pinpoint.

As odd as Coke Coffee is, I absolutely prefer it to Coke Energy. Coke’s line of energy drinks likely requires a special or learned pallet.

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