Storms In Texas

Article By: Tatiana Newman

Craziness seems to be a new normal ever since March of last year. With major celebrities dying, a pandemic outbreak and a wild election, everything has been pretty insane. Unfortunately, another emergency is occurring in the United States. A snowstorm hit the state of Texas.

It is believed that the snowfall in Texas was caused by climate change. Margaret Vaughn-Foster wrote, “I think that the people in Texas have to face the consequences of climate change, and this crisis might help them do that.” Every place in the world has been affected by climate change, and Texas is being affected in a pretty major way. Photo by Tatiana Newman.

Hurricane Harvey caused a decent amount of snow in Houston, Texas in 2017, but the last time the National Weather Service recorded snow or ice events was February of 2011. Suffice to say, snow is not exactly common in Texas and especially not this much snow.

Over the long Presidents’ Day weekend, it started snowing in Texas so heavily that their pipes burst, and they lost electricity. At least three deaths were reported, and Texans were advised to stay indoors. With no power, citizens have also had no heat.

FEMA has sent generators, blankets and other relief to Texas to try to help out the millions of people suffering. The snow has also interfered with coronavirus vaccine distributions, which could be fatal to some people. Ambulances in San Antonio were unable to work fast enough, and the county government in coastal Galveston called for refrigerated trucks to hold the bodies they expect to find in freezing, powerless houses.

The whole situation is extremely dangerous to those living in it. Freshman Abby Mills says, “I feel really bad for the people who are losing water and power because it doesn’t seem fair.” The people of Texas are really going through a tough time right now, and it doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

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