Rainy Day Blue To New

One of Tina Dang’s social media posts, as she poses at town square on November 12th, 2020.
Photo Provided By: Tina Dang

Article By: Jerral Agbayani

Sonoma County’s rainy season made a major appearance right off the bat in 2021. With constant intermittent rain, it is only logical that many people want to enjoy their days by doing fun things to keep their minds off of the gloomy weather. This may include changing one’s wardrobe to parallel the weather. When it’s warmer, many tend to wear looser outfits, but when it’s cold students, like sophomore Tina Dang, like to throw on a sweater and other layers.

One outfit I like is a white cropped t-shirt and a blue cardigan over it with an oversized baseball jacket. Then for my bottoms, I wear a white pair of baggy jeans and my worn out Nikes.” When getting ready for a rainy day, she prefers to stay in style while also bundling up for the crisp air. 

But she doesn’t only have one fashionable style she likes to go out with. Tina has several different ideas for great outfits to wear when it’s raining.

Another outfit I like is a layer of leggings and a sleeved tee for warmth, a loose-knit sweater with a wide shoulder with a nova checked tennis skirt, along with a pair of leg warmers and Mary Jane platformers,” she added. 

“One final outfit is a thick white turtleneck with chains and a fuzzy brown coat over it, with a pair of skinny jeans and wedge boots.” 

The variety in Tina’s outfits allows for a creative outlet. In any situation, Tina dresses appropriately for the weather but also dresses in a way that makes her feel confident and comfortable. Although it might seem like a hassle to some, there are many bright sides to dressing up.

“I really have fun with my rainy day outfits. Not only am I comfy and warm, but I’m also looking nice. Whenever I dress up, for any occasion, it makes me feel more confident and happy. I feel like dressing up going anywhere gives a good impression to anyone you pass by.”

Impressions can make an impact, and looking nice is a great representation of one’s character and how one likes to express themselves. Just the palette that someone chooses can illustrate a lot out about their character and can help them connect with others. As Tina has proven, style can be a window into one’s bright and colorful personality.

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