Mr. K’s Creative Writing Website

Join the Student Writers’ Collective today! The SWC is a website where students can publish their original fiction, nonfiction or poetry. The goal of this website is for students’ original writing to get more out reach from their teachers and peers. Go to the website for more information: SWC Website.

Article & Photo By: Maddie Sanabria

In previous years, Santa Rosa High School had a creative writing club. But recently, the club was transformed into a website called Student Writers’ Collective by Mr. Kowalczyk.  

Mr. Kowalczyk is an English teacher at Santa Rosa High School. He teaches both 11th grade English three and 12th grade English four. 

Mr. Kowalczyk has been teaching at Santa Rosa High School since 2005. His favorite part about teaching English at Santa Rosa High School is working in the classroom with the students. He says while working in the classroom he can, “enable and encourage critical thinking as well as intellectual curiosity on the part of my students.” He believes that enabling critical thinking is one of the most important things that a teacher can do for their students because it will make the world a better place in the future. 

The Student Writers’ Collective, or SWC, is a google site where students can publish their poems, stories and essays. The point of this website is to expand the readership of student-written stories.

The goal of the SWC is to publish the students of Santa Rosa High’s original fiction, nonfiction and poetry. The creative writing that students can publish can either be writing from an English class or an original work. 

Students are encouraged to publish their work to the website because the Student Writers’ Collective is looking to create a more diverse voice throughout the website. 

When navigating the website, students will notice that there are three tabs on the top of the page. The tabs are labeled poetry, fiction and nonfiction. These tabs will take you to the different creative writing stories that have been published. Once in the section you wish to be on, you can read the different stories that have been published by the students. 
The Student Writers’ Collective is open for all students to upload their creative writing. If you would like to read some of the stories, poems or essays or want more information go to this website: Student Writers’ Collective (SWC)

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