Breakdown of President Biden’s Executive Orders

Take cover! A pile of masks ready to be washed after a week’s worth of protecting. COVID-19 began almost a year ago and that was the beginning of the endless need for masks. When in public you’ll see an array of people ‘wearing’ their masks, Bayle Mansell, who currently goes to Maria Carrillo High School, said, “People look so dumb with their nose out of their mask, if they keep whining about not being able to breathe why don’t they stay home then?”

Article & Photo By: Destyni Hayes

Democrat Joe Biden is the new president of the United States. With Donald Trump out of office, Biden is putting his executive orders into action. 

Biden has put laws into place to protect the environment and to change former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies as well. Biden is continuing to dismantle laws that were left by Trump such as the transgender military ban. Here are some of the executive orders that Biden has put into effect in his first weeks in office.

  • Rejoin the Paris agreement on climate change
    • Fulfill one of his top campaign promises
    • Curb the impact of greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Promote racial equality
    • Begin to conduct equity assessment as well as relocate resources
    • “Advanc[e] equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality.”
  • Banning descrimiton because of gender or sexual orientation
    • Expand nondiscrimination protection to LGBTQ+
    • Expand protection of the LGBTQ+ in federal agencies
  • Pulling funds from the border wall construction
    • Funds from the Trump administration wall fund will be taken out because it is seen as a waste of money
    • The wall has had backlash from its environmental impacts
  • Expanding access to COVID-19 treatments
    • Increase treatment support for critical care and old folks homes
  • COVID-19 preventative mandates
    • Make mask wearing mandatory everywhere on federal property
    • No flying if the person isn’t wearing a mask the entire time
  • Assisting veterans with debt
    • Freezing debt and overpayment for over 2 million veterans

Biden has gotten a lot complete since his inauguration, and these were only some of the actions he took in just his first week of office. At this speed, Biden’s administration will seemingly enact more change in not only the White House, but within the entire United States as well in the coming weeks, months and years of Joe Biden’s presidency.

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