New Year’s Resolutions 2021

By: Giovi Andreassi

With the arrival of January 1st comes the sudden motivation for self-improvement, whether that means constructing a new workout regimen, eating healthier foods, or breaking old habits. 

New Year’s Resolutions, while inspiring, are notorious for their brevity in one’s year. After a few months, or even just weeks, this excitement for change (often) dulls. So, why exactly do many people fail to stick with their resolutions for the new year, and how can you stick with your own?

To begin, many people take on their new year’s endeavors by themselves. When one makes so many expectations for themselves, they have to do all of the work: self-motivating, staying disciplined, and actually following through with their occasionally lofty goals. If you share a new year’s resolution with your friend, it is easier to follow through with it together, as you have someone to keep you accountable. Doing this also makes achieving goals more fun and social. 

Foote meets a furry friend! Foote’s daily walks not only bring her a sense of productivity and accomplishment, but they also come with many surprises. Foote says, “my favorite part of going on walks is getting to greet the neighborhood cats!” Photo by Megan Foote

Secondly, it is important to avoid making unachievable goals. You will only be discouraged if you expect too much from yourself right off the bat. Change, while satisfying, is hard and takes time and dedication. Make sure that your goals suit you and that they are attainable. 

The third and probably most prominent reason that people don’t achieve their resolutions is due to lack of planning. Break down your goal into daily, weekly, and monthly sub-goals with written down agendas. Doing this will help form habits that will help you beyond just one year. 

While New Year’s resolutions can be hard to maintain, SRHS senior Megan Foote has some advice. Foote’s resolutions for 2021 include keeping a consistent and healthy sleep schedule, prioritizing school, and practicing more physical activity. She says, “The number one thing for me is discipline. I turn my phone off when I do homework, I go to bed early so I can wake up early, and I make sure that every day I am doing some sort of physical activity — even if it is small. But no one is perfect, so if I miss a few days or slip up on my goals, I just make sure to keep that in mind and make up for it the next day.”

With this advice in mind, you will be achieving your resolutions in no time. Good luck and happy New Year!

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