Is A Return To The SRHS Campus Safe?

In three months it will have marked the anniversary of quarantine. While many people find online schooling the new norm, others find it egregious and unhealthy since we have been distancing ourselves from our friends and family.
Photo By: Jaeden Callender

Article By: Jerral Agbayani

As COVID-19 cases continuously rise, many believe that students should not physically return to school any time soon to slow down the spread. This virus, which has spread across the world since late 2019, has affected this nation and its economy. The government closed down campuses and resorted to online schooling for heavily affected areas last March to help prevent the pandemic from getting worse. But many are now questioning whether or not it is safe to return to their in-person schooling, and whether or not online schooling has affected students’ ability to learn.

“Online school is the much better option because we are in a pandemic, but I do find it more difficult to learn,” says Junior, Marissa Juarez, who attends Oakland School for the Arts. “It definitely is harder for me to be focused. I think that a lot of people feel that way, but going in person would not be a good idea since the cases in California are always rising, lowering, then rising again.” She believes students are better off sticking to online school, since California’s cases are unpredictable- and she isn’t wrong.

Doing a quick Google search using the keyword “COVID,” you can see a statistical chart provided by The NY Times, showing concurrent numbers of the nation’s cases which are, as of writing this, slowly quieting down. 

Personally, I don’t think we should be returning to school, especially due to the fact that some students have already caught wind of the virus, which can really make one question the risks of returning back to normal. I think it could be possible to continue online schooling, though many would disagree. I am struggling slightly with some classes but it’s in my best interest to strive for a good grade, and I haven’t failed a class yet. More often than not it is the responsibility of the student for keeping a grade up. Though you can blame the teacher for the lack of cooperation, I think many have lacked the motivation to continue their work which has led to many people ending with a failing grade. What has kept me moving forward is my will to get a passing grade, along with some background music and three cups of coffee a day (one for each class). I am not the brightest or smartest student but I encourage everyone to push through and seek that motivation. Do a portion of work every day and be sure to check in with teachers during office hours if you may need extra help or questions for any assignments.

It will only be a matter of time until there is another spike of cases, and I can’t see us returning to school in the near future. I believe once the vaccines are successfully rolled out, many schools within the North Bay will start returning back to their regularly scheduled programs. 

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