At-Home Workouts For Quarantine And The New Year

Ten-minute six-pack home workout. Working out at home doesn’t take much! With just any electronic device with access to Youtube and preferably a yoga mat, anyone can workout anywhere, anytime. “While I have access to a gym due to my job, I mostly do home workouts, though they are not my favorite. I much prefer a gym and some machines. Some home workouts I do with a competitive team and some I do alone,” says Lilly Green, a senior at SRHS. “One of my favorites to do on my own is the Les Mils body combat classes. They’re energizing and definitely give me a workout. During COVID, my go-to workout is just a simple jog around the neighborhood or biking in Annadel.”

Article & Photo By: Katie Jang

With the New Year and quarantine, many might find staying fit both a priority and a challenge. While the pandemic limits many workout possibilities, at-home workouts can still be effective and exciting. 

One easy way to workout at home is to follow Youtube workouts. Many fitness Youtubers, such as Chloe Ting and Chris Heria, regularly upload a variety of workouts. Some other fitness YouTubers include Pamela Reif, Blogilates, Madfit, Heather Robertson, Lilly Sabri, and Sami Clarke. You can find many different and fun varieties of workouts such as HIIT workouts, pilates, yoga, dance cardio and kickboxing. One popular yoga instructor on Youtube is Yoga with Adrienne. Popsugar is a hub for fitness videos and is a great place to start navigating your workout routines on Youtube.

These videos offer varying levels of difficulty with modifications and advanced exercises. Most require no equipment, but for those who want more of a challenge, options to incorporate resistance bands, dumbbells and ankle weights are often included. Many videos take into account space limitations and others offer no noise workouts for those living in apartment complexes. 

Home workouts are not only convenient but also motivating. It is helpful to have someone guide you through exercises, even if it is through a screen. I like home workouts because it is easy to personalize them to however I feel is best for myself, and its easy accessibility makes it hard for me to make excuses.

Some might prefer lifting weights, which can be difficult to adapt to home workouts. Here is a video that takes a creative approach to at-home weight lifting. 

If Youtube does not interest you, there are also a variety of fitness apps you can employ to keep yourself active during quarantine. Here is a thorough examination of some fitness apps available now. For those short on time, 7 Minute Workout is a highly rated app that offers fast and convenient workouts. The workouts are less than ten minutes and there is no equipment required. It is free on the app store and some valuable features from reviewers are a calorie tracker, music tracks, music import option, video saving, and reminders to stay on track. 

The Nike Training Club is also highly rated and popular on the app store with a large variety of workouts to choose from. It is a great place to start if you are new to working out from home, or new to working out in general as it gives a large variety of options.

As the new year begins, hopefully so will new, healthy routines!

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