Cancel Culture’s Toxic Climate

An ever growing culture has set in which has caused many to question where the internet is heading. The cancellation of people is being more and more relevant in today’s social climate which has exposed many people to harm and cyberbullying.
Infographic Created By Alice Brookston on Canva

Article By: Jerral Agbayani

Cancel culture is both a modern blessing and a curse, seeing as it can shed light on critical and disturbing information on somebody that hadn’t been mainstream to the public yet through the use of widespread social media. However, it can also ruin more lives than it may seem and not everyone is truly guilty of what their accuser says. By spreading awareness of a certain situation through social media or other means, it is easy to bite down hard on somebody for the smallest mistakes, especially if the person doesn’t meet your expectations. This is because cancel culture has simply become an unnecessary toxicity towards someone’s else’s views. 

Take into account Chris Pratt’s situation back in late October, which caused a widespread controversy over some rumors regarding his political stance. Filmmaker Amy Berg tweeted about which Chris would have to go, referencing the actors Chris Evans, Pine, Hemsworth and, of course, Pratt; assuming you had to get rid of one of them. The internet chose Pratt and made assumptions that he may not be democratic with no hard evidence backing it up. In response to this, his fellow actors had to defend him by calming down a crowd of angry people demanding his cancellation. The reason this had happened was simply because he didn’t attend a Biden virtual fundraiser where the actors were going to do a table read of an Avengers script, which seemingly angered many people who participate in cancel culture; even though much of it was just speculation.

This was just one of seemingly hundreds of cases around the internet. A drama-based youtube channel that has had its own criticism and cancellation reports on news regarding influencers. After watching the channel on a weekly basis, it seems like almost every celebrity has had its fair share of criticism; some for relatively decent reasons and others for outlandish things.

Cancel culture is a toxic jungle where the sun’s rays touch anyone with a following, that heightens in heat depending on the situation or scenario. Much of it is just people bringing up the past, but if you didn’t know, people change, so you’re cancelling them over things that they probably have regretted doing. It is because of this culture that people hold grudges over others for reasons that shouldn’t be relevant to the person in the present, and cancel culture likes to attack people over silly things like preferences, views, and more.

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