SRHS Holiday Tree Decorating Event

Article By: Zoe Kowalczyk

On December 2nd, Freshman Vice President, Annika Sotak, asked if the Journalism class wanted to participate in a tree decorating event with the rest of the clubs at school. After emailing the Journalism advisor, Casey Elsa, the class got the confirmation that they would have their very own tree in the event after she posted the details on her Google Classroom. During the event, each club decorated their own mini holiday tree in the front of the school; everyone wore a mask and took all required safety precautions.

A club comes together to decorate their tree and poses for a photo. Photo By: Tara Elsa
The SRHS Yearbook class decorates their tree using a “Buy Your Yearbook” banner and cut up pieces of yearbooks which were over 10 years old. Photo By: Tara Elsa

The decorating took place over the span of several days in early December and was very well orchestrated and safe. Every tree was far enough away from the others, and everybody there was wearing a mask as required. Despite the masks, the smiles and genuine holiday happiness shined through just fine. For the Journalism tree, the members of the Journalism class made newspaper chain-links and ornaments and added a bit of light at the end to make it pop even more.  

Fake snow covers the front steps of the main building as people dance around to Christmas music. Photo By: Tara Elsa

Some trees were flocked, covered in balloons and Yerba Mates; while others took the more traditional route and stuck with the classic lights and ornaments, others had handmade ornaments. There was even a Manzanita tree representing a Menorah. Each tree was unique to the club and what they were about, but even with their differences, they all came together. 

Students stood along the sidewalk during the SRHS tree lighting event to collect donations for homeless individuals. Photo By: Tara Elsa

All and all, the event was well planned and executed. It was easy to find the trees and join your group while still adding your own decorations. Even with all safety precautions taken, this event did end up bringing the school together. “I feel that Pandy’s tree lighting went very well. We got into the Press Democrat and there were 400 cars that drove through on the first night. This was a huge success and we will definitely do it next year, but hopefully a walk through!” said Annika Sotak. This was a successful spirit event.

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