SRHS Sports’ Practices Being Cancelled

Masked Running. One section of the Santa Rosa High School Cross Country eagerly waits to begin their socially distanced training run. With a team of over 60 athletes, Coach Carrie Joseph divided the team to practice safely and distanced.  With COVID-19 concerns abundant in our current social climate, all athletes were screened prior to joining practice. “It has alway been my escape,” Freshman Cadel Sacher (In red jersey on right side of photo) comments. “It will be tough having to miss practicing with such a great group of people.”
Photo By:  Lael Joseph

Article By: Evan Sacher

Santa Rosa High School student athletes were given a sentence of hope in late October when the athletic board allowed practicing to commence. Just after the second wave of Coronavirus, athletic teams were allowed to begin practicing with certain restrictions. As a student-athlete myself, I can attest to the fact that it gave us hope that we might after all end up having a season. Sports are a way of escaping from the world around us and focusing on our mental and physical health. Unfortunately, due to complications with COVID-19, the athletic board has decided to fully suspend all in-person training for the foreseeable future.

When asked about the shutdown, athletic trainer Mercedes Zipperle said, “the ball began rolling on the first of this month when the [CIF] released a statement addressing the impending fall season start date.” “In this statement, the start date for fall sports was pushed back from (December 7th) to an undetermined date in the new year,” Mercedes said. “With those dates in mind for most of the SRCS schools, only approximately five conditioning sessions were lost. The ADs, ATs, and Superintendent Kitamura all communicate frequently and hope to safely return to sports as planned.” 

“It was really tough having to go back to not training with cross country,” said sophomore and multi-sport athlete in baseball and cross country, Marty Geffner. “I have come to terms with the decisions because it is for the heath of all panthers and will help us play our season in the long run.” Unfortunately, this virus has changed all of our lives and as much as we may not like or agree with the decision, as members of this community we must understand that the decision was made for the safety of those around us.  If you are struggling with not being able to exercise and play the sport you love, I would recommend reading the article, Students Staying Fit While Sports Are Postponed on our website written by Madison Sanabria. At the end of this pandemic, I genuinely believe it has been able to help us observe the world around us in a new light and I recommend that you stay safe and trust that we will hopefully have sports continue during the spring.

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