SRHS ASB-Run Panther Prowl

Lights, Camera, Action. Senior Matias Fullerton gets ready to film a segment while Junior Jenny Young and Sophomore Andre Achacon watch. Achacon explained the process, saying “we film each segment individually while everybody else vibes behind the camera.” The first episode of The Panther Prowl, the Santa Rosa High School news broadcast created by Student Government, has over 600 views. 
Photo Provided By: Hannah Averbuck

Article By: Molly Murphey

In addition to orchestrating events like the drive-thru haunted house back in October and Pandy’s tree lighting this month, Santa Rosa High School’s student government is hard at work on another, longer project, The Panther Prowl.

The Panther Prowl is hard to define— it’s part playlist, part morning announcements, part newscast. Most importantly, it is entirely written, filmed, and edited by students. 

In order to understand what goes on behind the scenes I wrote to Andre Achaon, the videographer and editor of the Panther Prowl and the sophomore class Secretary-Treasurer. 

He says that the idea for the Panther Prowl isn’t new. Ever since joining Student Government he has thought about “starting a fun ‘news broadcast,’” and the loss of more traditional publicity options gave it a kick start.

“When we started distance learning, we were pushed to find new ways to connect with our classmates and students, so a few of us in Student Government made The Panther Prowl into a reality,” he said.

After filming— which can take up to five hours and stretch across multiple days— Achacon packs up the camera equipment and heads home to put everything together. You can thank him for the show’s on-screen effects and the HD video quality.

Achacon says that he first got into video editing when he was in elementary school “making Minecraft videos and fun family vlogs” and that the Panther Prowl has been a fun opportunity to develop his skills. When I asked him if he was considering a career in videography he said, “it is something I am considering doing if I keep my passion for it,” but he is also interested in related fields like “photography or graphic design.”

Sophomore Class President and anchor of The Panther Prowl, Hannah Averbuck, writes her bubbly segment herself, as do her fellow cast members. She says that Student Government begins planning each episode by “brainstorming new episodes that [they] want to add to [the] continuous ones.”

She is looking forward to sharing her new segment Healthy Habits with Hannah, which will feature interviews with SRHS teams and athletes as well as her own “health tips and exercises.” 

Achacon encourages students who want to be a part of the show to message @srhspantherprowl on Instagram. He says that he and the team are always “trying to reach out to more students.” Episode two featured the Key, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Best Buddies clubs.

What I love most about the Panther Prowl is that in a year when so many things have become impossible and it often feels easier to give up than to adapt to distance learning, Student Government has created something new.

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