Shows To Check Out Before They Leave Netflix This Month

There are about 167.1 million people who use Netflix in the entire world. That is a lot of people. Netflix is one of the most popular apps for streaming movies and television shows. Abby Mills, a freshman at Maria Carrillo High School in Santa Rosa wrote, “I think it [Netflix] is great because there are so many different options.” She is certainly not the only person who feels that way. 

Article & Photo By: Tatiana Newman

Isn’t December wonderful? The cool crisp air, the warmth inside, delicious foods and amazing holidays… It’s the perfect time to get caught up on Netflix TV shows; especially during the break when all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. Unfortunately, many amazing shows are leaving Netflix this year. These are some of the TV shows that will disappear from our favorite streaming app by the end of December. 

On December 14th, Hart of Dixie will be leaving Netflix. This show is about a New York doctor who decides to take a job in a small Alabama town. It is a fantastic show that many enjoy, so it’s sad that many won’t have access to it anymore. 

Another show to say farewell to is The West Wing which will be gone on the 24th. This show is a political drama, full of surprising twists and turns.

Dexter, a crime show about a man with homicidal tendencies and a double life is departing from Netflix on December 30th, as is Hell on Wheels, a western TV show set during the Civil War, and Nurse Jackie, a hospital drama. 

The very next day, the 31st of December, is when the majority of TV shows will be leaving. First, we have Grand Hotel, a single season drama starring Eva Longoria. Next, there’s The Inbetweeners, an amusing British sitcom with 3 seasons. Also leaving on December 31st is Octonauts, an under-the-sea animation.

The two most popular TV shows that are disappearing from Netflix on December 31st are The Office and Gossip Girl. The Office is a hilarious, nine season long sitcom that nearly everyone adores. This show will be greatly missed when it is gone. Gossip Girl is another one of the most popular television shows at the moment. Unfortunately, all six amazing seasons of this Upper East Side drama will be leaving Netflix. We will certainly miss it dearly.  I strongly suggest watching these television shows before they leave for good! You will certainly be missing out on some amazing, binge worthy shows if you don’t. Abby Mills wrote to me that Gossip Girl leaving Netflix is, “Sad! I was going to start it, but then I realized that I would never finish by the time they took it off!”

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