Local Businesses To Shop At For The Holidays

Window shopping! The sun set, and the beautiful lights inside of Corrick’s shine. The shop has amazing things that aren’t just offered in the window!

Article & Photo: Destyni Hayes

Christmas is fast approaching with only a couple of weeks left to buy gifts for your special someone or your family and friends. Rather than waiting weeks, sometimes even months, for an item to be shipped to your house, why not shop locally at a business right here in Sonoma County? Supporting a local business helps our county’s economy, so our money stays here and is put back into the community. Small businesses usually get all their materials or produce locally, which means they can restock their items much quicker when their suppliers are in the same county as their business. Another reason to support a local business is that these businesses take pride in their products. They are hand made, refurbished, or grown, all are done with care. So your gift will be in its very best shape. 

Here is a list compiled of a few small local businesses that you might want to check out! 


Location: 637 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa

Corrick’s was established in 1915 but started serving Santa Rosa in the 1970s. It is owned by Keven and Jerri Brown. It is open from 11 AM-6 PM Tuesday through Saturday and open from 11 AM-5 PM Sunday and Monday. The shop offers many rare and hand-crafted items, it also has a Swaroski (A shop in a shop). Their merchandise ranges from Fine dinnerware and crystal jewelry to art supplies and children’s books that aren’t normally found in big businesses. This shop carries even the most basic of supplies like sketchbooks, paint sets, pens and much more. They have top quality customer service and will help you every step of the way.

Positively Fourth Street

Location: 628 Fourth St., Santa Rosa

Positively Fourth Street has been open for 16 strong years! This shop focuses more on the older demographic and offers more spiritual/religious items. Positively Fourth Street supports over 30+ local and nonlocal artists, by selling their products in the shop. They sell some of the most beautiful pottery, sculptures, and statues. Which are designed and created by local artists. Geodes and semi-precious rocks are also available in this bright, loving store. Anything you’d need for spiritual practices are all in this store, like candles, incense, and oils. Positively Fourth Street is open between 11 AM-6 PM Monday through Saturday and open from 11 A.M- 4 P.M Sunday.

Pedy’s Petals

Location: 101 Montgomery Drive, Santa Rosa

Pedy’s Petals has filled their dream as a successful floral company, being open for 20 years with an amazing experience. Calling their number will have your flowers delivered by ‘Pinky’ their delivery van. This company does so many things besides simple flower bouquets. They also make flower crowns, centerpieces, briefs, and cater. The bouquets are beaufille lively flowers with vibrant colors and cool whites. With holidays approaching ordering what you want a day earlier is much preferred. Business days are Monday through Saturday! Monday through Friday they open and close at 9 A.M- 5:30 P.M while Saturdays they close at 2 P.M.

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