SRHS Freshman Class President Spotlight

Sarah Hane. The freshman class president for our 2020-2021 school year. Sarah was the former vice president at Santa Rosa Middle School. She loves being involved with school and being in student government is a great way to do that. “It definitely isn’t easy, but all the hard work pays off,” she says.
Photo By: Sarah Hane

Article By: Xiaolin Cai

Sarah Hane is our current freshman class president at Santa Rosa High. She was also the vice president at SRMS and was in the leadership class during her years there. She likes being involved with school so running for office was a great way to do that. 

“What made me originally run for office is cause someone told me I wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of it and I was really motivated to prove them wrong.” said Sarah. So she ran for 7th grade class vice president at SRMS and just continued to run for student government after that. 

Former classmates who had encouraged her to run for office in middle school played a role in her running for office this year. Leadership class was also what encouraged her to run for office. It had also taught her to plan and run events, and how to be a leader which she can use as class president.

Sarah wants to help those who have been impacted by the pandemic and help them keep up with distance learning. She plans on making study groups with a couple of people so they can help each other out and hopefully have an easier time with school work. She would also like to plan events that are fun but also ensure that everyone is safe so we can have a fun time even at home. There are a couple of important causes such as teens mental health that our freshman class president would like to raise awareness for. 

Overall she just wants to make distance learning easier for students and make sure they still have fun and enjoy high school. Sarah is open to hearing about any suggestions or changes that students think should be made!

Sarah says that being class president during distance learning and at school normally are pretty different. She said “Being an officer during distance learning has proven itself to be tricky.” They now rely on Parent Square and social media to spread the word about events and activities that are being hosted since they don’t have the option of hanging flyers. 

“When planning events we have to be mindful about everyone’s safety. We try our best to make sure everyone stays safe while enjoying high school!” Sarah said. Being a class officer is fun and you can gain lots of experiences from it. Sarah loves helping to plan events and advocating for students and their ideas. She said it is definitely not something that is easy but the hard work pays off.

“My favorite part of being class president is planning events and being involved with school.” Sarah really enjoys being class president and being a part of student gov. And Sarah has said she would love to run for class office again next year!

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