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SRHS Halloween Drive! On October 30, ASB will be holding a Halloween-themed drive on campus, in which pumpkins from the carving contest will be displayed and students are encouraged to dress up in Halloween costumes as they drive through the school campus. Sophomore and ASB member Hannah Averbuck said that she is, “super excited for our Halloween drive through haunted house on October 30th because we’ve never done anything like it and we’ll be able to see each other from a distance in our cars.” Maintaining morale during these tough times has admittedly been difficult, but ASB has been putting forth events to increase school spirit such as the upcoming Halloween haunted house drive on October 30 and the drive-in movie on November 13 and 14 at the Luther Burbank Center.
Infographic Provided By: @srhsupdates

Article By: Alice Brookston

As we approach the second quarter of the 2020-2021 school year, ASB has begun planning various events to boost student morale and spirit. Since classes and learning shifted to an online platform, maintaining school spirit has understandably become difficult. So, ASB has put forth an effort to raise the spirits of students at Santa Rosa High School by planning various events over the course of the next few weeks.

First off, Fridays will once again be “Extreme Orange and Black” spirit days. They will also include “Fight Song Fridays,” in which students will sing the Santa Rosa Fight Song during their fourth period class as they once did in the crowded halls on campus.

Also this month includes a Halloween drive on October 30. The drive opens at 6:30pm and ends at 9:30. Students can drive around campus for a Halloween/Haunted House themed drive! Students are also encouraged to dress up in their Halloween costumes. Cars can enter from Ridgeway Avenue into the student parking lot to begin their drive. 

On October 30 SRHS will hold a pumpkin carving contest. Pumpkins must be dropped off at the main office on campus before noon. The contest is open to Santa Rosa High School families, staff members, and students. Your name and contact information must be clearly written on the back side of the pumpkin to be eligible to win.

Santa Rosa High School will then be hosting a drive-in movie event at the Luther Burbank Center on November 13 and 14. Tickets can be acquired by purchasing a $35 ASB ticket, but tickets are limited, seeing as there are only 200 available. The chosen movie is the 1986 comedy, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

ASB is also selling their annual stickers, which can be bought on the Santa Rosa High School website at the Panther Store for $35. Senior shirts are also for sale for $25 at the Panther Store. There are four styles available, and the number 21 and a personalized nickname will be written on the back. 

Finally, ASB has begun broadcasting student news episodes called the Panther Prowl, in which ASB students will keep you updated on all new events that will be happening at Santa Rosa High School. The links to episodes can be found @SRHSUPDATES on  Instagram.

Junior Jenny Young, an ASB member, commented that, “It’s definitely been tricky coming up with events having all the guidelines to follow but we’ve just been working hard and thinking very outside the box to come up with all these events. This year was a year where you needed to throw anything out there just to see if it could possibly happen.”

Senior Sophia Anderson added, “We have had a lot of brainstorming sessions and conversations with other schools on keeping the moral and spirit within our school. It has been challenging but we have put a lot of effort in small yet meaningful things, like the fight song ( with the history teachers), our new panther prowl newscast, and the constant info getting put on @SRHSUPDATES on Instagram.”

Adaptations to school spirit and maintaining morale have understandably been a challenge but overall, ASB’s efforts to promote school spirit have been greatly appreciated and students are excited to see what is in store for the next few months while classes remain online.

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