The Limitation Of School Sports

Empty field. With the restrictions set on coaches due to COVID-19, fields have been left empty for the past few months. The baseball field is usually one of the nicest high school fields in Sonoma county due to the incredible hard work put in by coach Paige Dumont. “Ever since the beginning of quarantine, I’ve been wondering about the condition of the field and what us players are going to do about it,” said senior JT Hollis, a pitcher on the baseball team. “The field is out of control and I’m worried about what it will look like when the season arrives.”

Article & Photo By: Evan Sacher

With the current, distance learning situation, student athletes around California have been left to wonder what is to come of their high school sports seasons.  

Being able to represent your school in athletic competitions and being able to put on the school colors is one of the greatest honors for a student. Unfortunately, with the current state of the country, that may not happen for student athletes around the county. As it stands now, the board of the NCS athletic division of the CIF have decided that the fall sports such as football, cross country, volleyball, and others are to start practice on December 14th. This will push all winter and spring sports to begin in early March and play through the month of June. While this may seem like a fair compromise, the new schedule leaves many multi sports athletes having to decide between two sports they love. This leaves the less popular sports at Santa Rosa High without many of their key athletes as they have chosen to participate in other sports which are taking place at the same time. Sports with a smaller team could be forced to withdraw from competition due to their dwindling numbers.  

“I am planning on playing both baseball and basketball” said junior Will Logue when asked about the new schedule. “I’ve been in communication with my baseball coach and he has made it clear that he will do whatever it takes to allow his players to compete in multiple sports.” Baseball coach Paige Dumont has always been an advocate for athletes competing in multiple sports however not all sports coaches share his views which could cause other athletes to make the tough decision. Santa Rosa High is known for having some of the most understanding and helpful coaches in the county so all multi sports athletes have been hoping their coaches will understand. 

“I just don’t know how it’s going to work out,” said senior Timothy Bankston who plays varsity football, baseball and wrestling, “I have no clue on if there is even a season for any of the sports, just hoping for the best.”  This sentiment is unfortunately felt by thousands of student athletes around Sonoma County. Due to the uncertainty surrounding recovery from Covid-19, the NCS offices have repeatedly stated that the sports schedules are not final and they still are able to shut down all sports for the 2020-2021 school year entirely. As athletes, all we can do is continue to train in the confines of our home and hope for the best going forward.

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