The Confusing College Application Process

Start your applications. Deadlines are fast approaching and this is not something you want to procrastinate on. Applications have been open for almost two months now, so get started. Senior Spencer Page says, “I have been trying to get an early start on my college applications, because I know if I push it off it will make me more stressed.” 

Article & Photo By: Shai Fichtelberg

As summer comes to an end, and students get back into the rhythm of school, many seniors begin one of the most challenging tasks of high school: college applications. With so much going on in the world right now, college applications may be the last thing on your mind, but let me tell you: deadlines are approaching fast.

With many school year changes, I didn’t even know where to begin with college applications. What websites do I refer to? Where can I get scholarships? Where should I apply? All these questions and it felt like there weren’t any answers.

Many fantastic online resources can help you get a headstart in the college application process from websites to Youtube videos. You have everything you need to get started. Not only do we have the whole internet to help us learn how and when to apply, but we also have the Santa Rosa High School college and career center, which is here to help everyone with all their post-high school needs.

As I started filling out my applications, a new problem arose that many people previously had never had to deal with. Many SATs and ACTs were canceled due to the pandemic. I scrambled to find what I could do, but the situation seemed hopeless. Thankfully, many colleges lifted the weight off our shoulders and began announcing that this year’s applications would be optional. “I felt very grateful that they made tests optional because I did not get the opportunity to take the test and the colleges that I wanted to apply too heavily relied on test scores for admissions,” said Eliana Bruce. Colleges quickly began lifting students’ load by taking away previous requirements to help them through these challenging times.

Many colleges provided a space where students could explain what they were going through during these times and reflect on their application.

With so many uncertainties, college applications may seem terrifying, but let me assure you that we can get them done. Just stay organized and motivated. There are so many people who want you to succeed, and if you reach out for help, you can do it. Good luck!

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