How Covid-19 Is Affecting Local Businesses

COVID-19 has greatly impacted our local businesses. A local business that has been impacted by COVID is the restaurant Hang Ah Dim Sum shown in the picture. Many businesses were closed when the pandemic first hit us and are now reopening with new laws set in place. The businesses that can be opened are now opened with modifications, 25% capacity, outdoor seating, takeout and or delivery. The owner of Hang Ah Dim Sum said, “Business went down 40 percent.” and SOCO Coffee has also said, “Business has gone down 50 percent.”

Article & Photo By: Xiaolin Cai

On Friday, August 28th, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom announced a new plan effective Monday, August 31. Counties are now placed into color-coded tiers by case and test positivity rates. The four different color-coded tiers are purple: widespread, red: substantial, orange: moderate, and yellow: minimal.  

Our county is currently in the purple tier. This new plan will likely affect our local businesses since there are many businesses that cannot be opened under this new plan set in place by Newsom. For the businesses that can be opened, restaurants currently have outside seating, takeout, or delivery; salons, malls, and clothing, shoe, and jewelry stores are now open with 25% capacity. Some other businesses will be opened with modifications as well.

The owner of local restaurant Hang Ah Dim Sum, Nancy Cai, said: “Since we are only doing takeout because we can’t have dine-in, business has slowed down a lot and went down about 40%.”

Tori from Sift Dessert Bar said they were pretty lucky during this whole pandemic. Tori said, “The Santa Rosa store has gotten busier and we still have a lot of walk-ins. The Santa Rosa store is also where we ship out orders being ordered online for delivery. Shipping orders have increased since people are sending gifts to loved ones instead of visiting them. But we did have to close our two other stores in Petaluma and Cotati because of COVID and some staff didn’t feel comfortable working so there wasn’t enough staff. We have also been taking a lot of precautions and sanitizing hourly.” 

Yogurt Farm had just bought this business over during the pandemic so they couldn’t say much on the difference of business before and during COVID, although, they did comment that “It has been really slow. And maybe it’s because businesses are going out of business during COVID but supplies are harder to get.” 

SOCO Coffee had said, “COVID has affected 50% of the income and we laid off half the staff. It’s more work since you have to keep everything clean and sanitized. And there’s a lot of stress on workers and customers.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected local businesses, making it much more difficult for them to reopen. Businesses that aren’t open will definitely see the largest impact, but even for the businesses who are opened, they are still going to see some hard times until life can continue as it used to. As COVID cases are rising, people are taking more precautions and staying home more, which is causing businesses’ revenue to greatly slow.

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