Student Activism At Santa Rosa High School

Silence is Violence. After walking to the Old Courthouse Square, juniors Jerral Agbayani and Jaeden Callender await the beginning of a George Floyd protest. They marched with the crowd, eventually breaking into smaller groups as more people joined the protest. “Now that I think back to it, it’s amazing how many people went to that protest back in March.” said Agbayani. “However, we still have work to do.”

Article & Photo By: Jaeden Callender

The whole world is full of problems such as discrimination, hunger and corrupt governments which has caused a flood of protests of all sorts to arise all over the world. 

With the use of social media, planning events has become much easier, making it possible to spread information worldwide within seconds. The movement I’ve seen talked about most is the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Black people have been discriminated against for hundreds of years and it is great to see people of all ages and ethnicities coming together to fight against racism. Teens from all over the world have gone to Black Lives Matter protests to peacefully demonstrate what they believe is right and to show that a change needs to be made. 

I believe it is great that social media is being used to our advantage in fighting racism and that the fight is still going strong to this day. It has been months since I first started seeing posts on Instagram and began going to local protests myself and it’s good to see that people haven’t given up and won’t stop until our goals have been fulfilled. 

If you haven’t posted about BLM or gone to protests I recommend you to do so because the movement needs all of the help that it can get and if you don’t take a stand for what you believe is right, it can show a lot about who you really are or at least what people may think of you. 

“It’s inspirational to see how far we’ve come as a community and how we support each other because we have people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities coming together to support this movement.” states Tenjing Sherpa, a senior at Santa Rosa High. 

I was honestly surprised to see this many people working together because people tend to be selfish when something isn’t directly affecting them. 

And of course, the BLM movement is not the only movement happening, I’m just using it as an example since it’s the one I’ve seen the most about on social media. All in all, students who use social media as a platform for activism are great, and I encourage everyone to continue to participate and stay informed because I guarantee things will change for the better.

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