Dating Amidst a Global Pandemic

Article By: Makayla Millea

As social distancing continues in Sonoma County, many people are growing lonely without being able to do the outside activities they would normally do. One particular activity that a lot of people are missing out on is dating. But how does one go about dating during a pandemic such as this one?

Rose Barboza, a resident in Santa Rosa, has been using her time while in self-quarantine to get closer to her new boyfriend that she met through an online dating site. According to Barboza, social distancing guidelines have made it hard to find good places to go on dates, so she has to get creative.

“I invited him on a social distance walking date,” said Barboza. “We stayed six feet apart from each other and talked about various things, and then sat on opposite sides of a bench and talked some more.”

There are many hardships that come with this new way of dating, however. Barboza said, “It’s difficult because I felt as if there was this pressure to put dating aside and focus on myself during quarantine. But I was really eager to date.”

There’s also the issue of trying to find the right partner in the first place. Barboza said that she met her boyfriend through a facebook dating app, but she mentions that there are some precautions that should be taken when meeting anyone online. “See if any of your friends know them, and trust your instinct,” she said. She also mentioned that you should only meet them in a public area during the day, and to always tell a loved one where you’re going.

She also added that it was frustrating to not be able to kiss or hug her partner, and that it was difficult to introduce him to her family. However, she believes that the hardships are worth it.

“I just can’t wait for the first kiss,” said Barboza. She said that she talks to her boyfriend all the time on video chatting sites in order to see his face and make it feel as if she were talking to him in person.

Barboza says that above all, patience is the most important thing about quarantine dating.

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