WASC at Santa Rosa High School

Makayla Millea

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges, or better known as WASC, is coming to SRHS soon. WASC is an organization which accredits schools, by means of evaluating the quality of the education provided at a certain educational institution. If a school is accredited, it means that the education quality is up to par. Alicia Morrison, who works in the Art Quest Office at SRHS, says, “[Getting accredited] means getting feedback from [teachers and staff] to make the school a better place.” Some colleges will only accept students from accredited schools. It’s important for Santa Rosa High School to get accredited so that the students here will be able to apply to the college of their choice. 

WASC may visit Santa Rosa High School in March. For students, the visit will look a bit like this:

WASC visiting committee members will enter classrooms throughout the school day and observe the students and staff at work. Specifically, they will be looking at the organization of the school system, the curriculum that is taught in the classrooms, the quality of staff, quality of assessments, and the overall school culture. Fulfilling the requirements within these categories is essential to getting any high school accredited.

The organization category that they will be grading with is split into a few different parts: the school’s overall mission, leadership, qualified staff, and resources available to students.

Regarding curriculum, WASC is specifically looking at how rigorous the content being taught is, as well as overall student engagement, while school culture is broken down into parental and community involvement, school environment, and personal and academic student support. 

Though the WASC visit may not affect students directly, it impacts them long-term. Having SRHS accredited is an important feat for our school pride, the future of our students, and their education.. 

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