Regan Retires

By Megan Foote

Charles Regan, a beloved Santa Rosa High School History teacher, unfortunately had to retire mid year due to health issues. Regan originally retired from teaching many years ago. He decided he left too soon and came back as a part time teacher for a few years and then as a full time teacher.

The administration knew a couple of months before the end of last semester that they would need to find somebody to teach his four academic courses and one honors course for the second semester. They interviewed people to fill his position, but none of the applicants accepted the job offer.

Teachers usually teach five periods a day and have one prep period, so five teachers, Ms. Bell, Mr. Carroll, Ms. Delasantos, and Mr. Muchow, have volunteered to teach his classes. They are getting paid for the extra time and will continue to teach during their prep periods for the rest of the semester.

Mr. Regan’s only honors class went to Mr. Vogt because he already had one honors class. Then Mr. Vogt’s second period academic class went to Ms. Bell, who is also a world history teacher. 

This means that some students who didn’t even have Mr. Regan as a teacher were affected. Some of these students, including sophomore Lucy Matthiessen, are upset with the administration for giving them such short notice of their teacher change. 

“They didn’t send an email out until the day before or so,” said Matthiessen. Matthiessen also said that, “Ms. Bell has done a good job at transitioning all of us into her class because she understands that it’s chaotic.” 

Sophomore Conor Grace, who had Regan and now has Vogt, said that he and a lot of his classmates miss Mr. Regan. “He was a really nice guy. He was funny and made the class enjoyable,” said Grace. He also said that although Vogt is a good teacher, his class has taken some getting used to, for he expects more from them as honor students and focuses more on the whole world and not just Europe, which has taken some getting used to. 

The teachers who are taking over the classes have noticed both challenges and benefits to having an extra class. Bell explained that, “We’re trying to figure out how to teach without a prep period… and maintain the really important work-life balance.” Vogt also noted that nearly all the teachers who took an extra period are parents so this could mean spending less time with their kids.

However, Vogt said, “ Mr. Regan retiring actually affected me very positively because originally I was teaching more or less four different, distinct classes…” and now he is only teaching three different classes: he has two Honors World History classes, a college preparatory Economics class, and a non-college prep Economics class. 

The History teachers took Mr. Regan out to lunch on his last day. There was cake, cards, and gifts for his farewell. Mr. Regan said that in his retirement he is most looking forward to publishing a book he’s been working on for a very long time. He will be missed dearly, but the SRHS community is glad he is taking care of his health and doing what is best for him.  

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