President Trump Impeachment News

By Lilly Ernst

The ongoing impeachment hearings have kept Washington D.C. tense and journalists busy. Each day new information is shared, sometimes in favor of Trump but often not. Overall, however, most average citizens do not really know who the individuals who have testified are, nor how accurate their information is. Because the information has been buried so effectively under hours upon hours of testimonies, most Americans have just shrugged their shoulders and given up on understanding what is going on.

Polls show that Trump supporters have been generally unswayed over the course of the impeachment hearings, and those who have stuck by Trump this long are unlikely to switch gears now. Generally, many people believe that unless Trump is actually impeached and thus legally banned from becoming president again, he will most likely win again in 2020.

Of course, it is too soon to judge how effective the Democratic nominee will be when they campaign across America, but unless they take the necessary time in rural America and win the electoral votes, the future looks bleak for liberals.

This pessimistic opinion is shared by a fair number of students here at Santa Rosa High School. I asked Taylor Hogan, Sophie Flores, Sophie Kovacevich, and James Post what their thoughts were regarding the current testimonies and whether or not they thought it would affect the 2020 election. The general consensus is that, at least at the moment, there “isn’t one democratic candidate that people are really rallied behind. Hopefully that changed after the primaries, but that doesn’t feel too likely right now. It happened in 2016 when the democrats were split between Hillary and Bernie.” Flores explained. “People are getting really optimistic this time around… but we’ve known about Trump’s scandals since before he became the president. I don’t think anything is going to change unless he is no longer allowed to be in office.” 

“I hope I’m wrong.” concluded Flores. 

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